Famous Trials
by Douglas O. Linder (2016)

Trial of Socrates
(399 B.C.)

Gaius Verres
Trial (70 B.C.)

Trial of Jesus 
(30 A. D.)

Martin Luther
Trial (1521)

Trials of  Giordano
Bruno (1592-1600)
Burr Conspiracy
Trial (1807)

  Scottsboro Boys
 Trials (1931-1937)

John Hinckley, Jr.
 Trial (1982)

LAPD (King  Beating)
 Trial (1992)

Ruby Ridge 
(Weaver) Trial (1993)

Okla City Bombing
Trial (1997)

Moussaoui (9/11)
Trial (2006)

Enron (Lay & Skilling)
Trial (2006)

Constitutional Law

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