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. 1907
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Defendant in the Steunenberg murder case, "Big Bill" Haywood
Testimony of Harry Orchard
Prosecution's Summation
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A Trial Account
by  Douglas Linder (c) 1998
"War"  is not too strong of a term to describe the state of affairs existing between the Western Federation of Miners and the Western Mine Owners' Association at the turn of the twentieth century. When the state of Idaho prosecuted William "Big Bill" Haywood in 1907 for ordering the assassination of former governor Frank Steunenberg, fifteen years of union bombings and murders, fifteen years of mine owner intimidation and greed, and fifteen years of government abuse of process and denials of liberties spilled into the national headlines. Featuring James McParland, America's most famous detective; Harry Orchard, America's most notorious mass murderer turned state's witness; Big Bill Haywood, America's most radical labor leader; and Clarence Darrow, America's most reknown defense attorney, the Haywood trial ranks as one of the most fascinating criminal trials in history. (CONTINUED-->)

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