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The Impeachment Trial of
President William Clinton

The Constitution & Impeachment
  From Monica to "Handsome"
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Grand Jury Testimony
Sex & The Starr
The Senate meets in January 1999 to consider the Articles of Impeachment
against  President William Clinton.
Hellish Day
Was He Guilty?:
Analysis of Charges

Senate Trial Briefs:
Brief of House Managers
Brief for the President
The Senate
Trial Record &
Statements by Senators
The Impeachment Trial of President Clinton
  • by Douglas Linder (c) 2005

  • In 1999, for only the second time in United States history, the Senate  conducted an impeachment trial of a President. The acquittal of William Jefferson Clinton on February 12 came as no great surprise, given the near party-line vote on impeachment charges in  the House of Representatives leading to the trial. 
    Despite its predictable outcome, the impeachment trial of President Clinton is well worth studying, both for what it says about the failure  of the judiciary and political institutions to respond adequately to an unprecedented situation, and what it tells us about the failures of Bill Clinton, the all-too-human occupant of the nation's highest office.  The trial also raises fascinating questions about the distinction between public morality and private morality. [CONTINUED]

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