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The West Memphis Three Trials: An Account
by  Douglas O. Linder  (c) 2013 
"There I was, sitting in a jail cell with this confessed satanic killer, and he's asking me who 'Satan' is."--Dan Stidham, attorney for Jesse Misskelley

On a warm sunny May day three eight-year-old boys set off on a bike ride around their hometown of West Memphis, Arkansas.  The next afternoon, their bruised and mutilated hog-tied naked bodies were pulled from a stream, setting off an all-out effort to find their murderers.  Within a month, investigators were convinced they had found the killers, three out-of-the-mainstream teenagers who would become known as "The West Memphis Three."  The convictions and court battles that followed provide a cautionary tale for police and prosecutors too sure of their instincts and too quick to rely on the questionable evidence that supports them.  [CONTINUED]

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