The West Memphis Three Trial: Selected Images

The Victims: Chris Byers, Michael Moore, and Steven Branch

The Crime Scene

The victims (Chris Byers, Michael Moore and Stevie Branch)
Robin Hood Hills crime scene (note red flags)
Footprint (one of two found) at crime scene
Aerial photo of area where bodies discovered
Photo showing Blue Beacon and site of bodies relative to 278 interchange (link)
Chief Inspector Gary Gitchell
Aaron Hutcheson with investigator at crime scene

The Defendants

Damien Echols (1993)
Jason Baldwin
Jesse Misskelley following arrest
Echols and Baldwin during 1994 trial
Echols's trailer

The Trials and Key Players

Prosecutor John Fogleman
Judge David Burnett and Defense Attorney Dan Stidham
Jason Baldwin and his attorneys, Paul Ford and George Wadley
John Mark Byers
Vicki Hutcheson on witness stand (photo: Commercial Appeal)
Diver holding knife found in lake behind Baldwin's home
Prosecution exhibit: knife found in lake

Post-Trial Images

Echols waving to supporters following 2011 release
West Memphis Three at news conference following release
Jason Baldwin speaking about case after his release
Terry Hobbs