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The Massie ("Honor Killing") Trials

Thalia's Police Statement
"Rape" Timeline
1931 cartoon suggesting that the alleged rape of Thalia Massie
 was part of a larger pattern of native violence against white women.
False "Summons"
Grace's Arrest Report
Trial Transcript

Confession of Joe's Killer
The Massie Trials (1931-32)
by Douglas O. Linder (2007)

Two dramatic criminal trials, one for rape and one for murder and both involving multiple defendants, forever changed the nature of Hawaiian race relations and politics.  Filled with twists and turns and unanswered questions, the trials have all the elements of a good mystery.  The second of the so-called "Massie Affair" trials also closes out the courtroom career of America's greatest defense attorney, Clarence Darrow.... [Continued]
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