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Other Famous Trials
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The Happy Lawyer:
 Making a Good Life in the Law (2010)

by Nancy Levit & Doug Linder

The Good Lawyer:
  Seeking Quality in the Practice of Law (2014)

by Doug Linder &  Nancy Levit

Famous Trials
The Web's most visited and most comprehensive collection of essays, images, maps, primary documents, links, and other materials pertaining to sixty-six of the most famous trials of all time, from Socrates to Simpson.

Seminar in Famous Trials Syllabus

Exploring Constitutional Law

Introductory essays, primary documents, cases, images, notes, and questions concerning the U. S. Constitution.  Play Bill of Rights Golf or Who Wants to Marry a Founding Father?  The Web's most extensive collection of materials relating to the Constitution.

First Amendment Law

Materials concerning the Free Speech, Free Exercise, and Establishment Clauses of the First Amendment.  Site includes essays, notes, questions, and Supreme Court cases.

Trial Heroes

Profiles of five trial heroes.  Read about the courage of Judge James Horton, Lewis Tappin, John Doar, Clarence Darrow, and Charles Hamilton Houston.

The Jury: Practice & Perspectives 

Cases and materials examining the role of the jury in American society.

Ascending the Mountain

There are many paths up the mountain.  This site includes thoughts from some of the writers and that have been most helpful to me in carving my own ascent.

Searching for Evil

An examination of the nature of evil and its persistence in the American legal system.  A story told with pictures, examples, and--I hope--a little wisdom.


129 of my personal beliefs on topics ranging from religion and politics to sports and pie.

The Quest for a Satisfying Career in Law

Religion and the Law

The Greatest Lake

A site that examines Lake Superior, the largest, moodiest, and most mysterious of all freshwater lakes. 

Caribou Creek Press
(Poetry by Doug Linder)

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