Ascending the Mountain
by Douglas O. Linder
This site was created by Doug Linder (2002). Contact:  (Painting above by Cezanne)
Finding meaning in life is not the same thing as living a virtuous life.  The meaning of our lives derives from our ultimate concerns or drives (Tillich). 

There are many paths up the mountain.  The excerpts included on this site are among those that I have found most useful in charting my own path.  The excerpts do not all point in one direction, but neither does my life--or anyone's.

To ascend the mountain, click on the picture to the left.

PROMISES: The Peach-seed Monkey (Sam Keen)    SEEING: The Tree with the Lights in It (Annie Dillard)
SOVEREIGNTY: The Message in the Bottle (Walker Percy)  MYSTERY: The Long-Lived Rainbow 
FAITH IN OBJECTIVE VALUE: Abolition of Man (C. S. Lewis)   BELONGING & ADJUSTING: Rabbit at Rest (John Updike)
MEMORY & LOSS: A River Runs Through It (Norman Maclean)  THE BALANCED LIFE: Ecclesiastes 3
DIRECTION: Heading North (E. B. White)