The Trial of Dan White: Selected Trial Testimony
Source: The Trial of Dan White by Kenneth W. Salter (1991)

Denise Apcar testifies

Witnesses for the Prosecution

Boyd Stevens (medical examiner and coroner)
Cyr Copertini (secretary to Mayor Moscone)
Carl Carlson (aide to Milk who heard shots and saw White)
William Melia (saw White enter City Hall through window)
Rudolph Nothenberg (deputy to Mayor Moscone)
Diane Feinstein (Mayor and former President of Board of Supervisors)
Frank J. Falzon (inspector who interviewed White after killings)

Witnesses for the Defense

Denise Apcar (White's administrative assistant)
Raymond Shine (friend of White)
Donald Frediani (friend of White)
Dr. Martin Blinder (defense psychiatrist)

Rebuttal Witnesses for the Prosecution
Dr. Roland Levy (prosecution psychiatrist)
Carol R. Silver (S.F. Supervisor)