Timeline for the Alleged Rape of Thalia Massie
(September 12-13, 1931)

The five men charged with the rape of Thalia Massie

9:00-9:30 p.m.
Thalia and Tommie Massie leave their home and drive to a nightclub at the Ala Wai Inn on the banks of the Ala Wai Canal.

11:30 p.m. 
The men who will be charged with Thalia's rape arrive at a dance hall near Waikiki Park.

 11:30 p.m. 
Numerous witnesses place Thalia at the party at the Ala Wai Inn

11:35 p.m.  or
"about midnight"
At 11:35, According to her courtroom testimony, Thalia leaves the Ala Wai Inn on foot, heading down Kalakaua Avenue toward the beach.  According to her initial statements to police (and the more likely scenario), she leaves the inn at about midnight.

12:05-12:10 a.m.
Numerous witnesses place the men who will be charged with Thalia's rape in a parking lot outside the dance hall.  The dance had ended at midnight.

12:05-12:15 a.m.
Thalia walks with a white man down John Ena Road.  (Several witnesses observe a woman who matches Thalia walking with the man at various locations along the road.)

12:15-12:45 a.m. (only possible time that a rape of Thalia Massie could have occurred):

12:15-12:20 a.m.
The five men who will be charged with rape are seen by witnesses driving along Beretania Street (a substantial distance from the site of the alleged rape).

12:30 a.m.
The men who will be charged with rape stop briefly at home (Wilhemina Correa's) near downtown, but leave after finding party there had broken up.

12:35-12:40 a.m.
Car carrying the men is involved in a near accident with a car driven by Agnes Peeples, a Hawaiian woman.  A scuffle ensues, leaving Peeples angry and slightly injured.  (The location of the accident is about a ten minutes drive from the site of the alleged gang rape.)

12:45 a.m.
Agnes Peeples reports to Honolulu police that she had been assaulted following a near collision at King and Lilia streets.  She tells police the license number of the other car is 58-985.

Immediate Aftermath

12:50 a.m.
A car picks up Thalia Massie along Ala Moana Road.  Thalia asks to be driven home--and she is.

1:47 a.m.
Thomas Massie calls police to report that his wife, Thalia, had been assaulted "by a man.  When investigators arrive at her house within the next hour, Thalia tells them that she had been gang-raped by four or five Hawaiians.

2:50 a.m.
Police, following up on the license information provided by Agnes Peeples (and assuming the Peeples and Massie incidents were related), make their first arrest: Horace Ida.

3:30 a.m.
Thalia tells Captain McIntosh that the persons who raped her were driving a car with a license number she thought was 58-805.  (She had previously heard reports of the license number involved in the Peeples incident.)

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