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  University of Pennsylvania's Authentic Happiness Center (Dr. Martin Seligman)
  The Happiness Formula
  World Database of Happiness
  Journal of Happiness Studies
  Syllabus for The Quest for a Satisfying Career in Law (UMKC)
   "Five Myths About Happy Lawyers" (Nancy Levit)
   Gretchen Rubin, "Happiness Tips for Lawyers" (Above the Law)
  Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project (blog)
  brain diagram
  controlling firing patterns
  chemistry of the brain
   four happiness stages
   chart: extroversion and happiness
   qualities of happy people
   personality types and careers: take a test
   lawyer personality types compared to general population
   freedom/happiness graph
   happiness by nations (ranked)
   circumstances chart
   diagram (income and happiness)
   income-country graph
   happiness by age
   happiness by gender, 1972-2006
   happiness by education level
   happiness by religion and politics (2004)
   TED, Ideas Worth Spreading: Daniel Gilbert talks about our psychological immune system and "synthetic happiness" (view lecture)
   chart: activities and happiness (Richard Layard)
    the 5 basic human needs for a sense of well-being
    happiness boosters
    ABA, Pulse of the Legal Profession
    ABA, Career Satisfaction Among Young Lawyers
    Law Consulting Blog
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    National Opinion Research Center survey of job satisfaction
    practice survey of young lawyers
    chart comparing job satisfaction
    intersecting circles (sample exercise) : meaning, pleasure, strengths (Tal Ben-Shahar)
    flow graph 
    24 strengths
     list of 24 strengths
     billable hours chart
     architectual and design features that promote happiness

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