Images from

the Scopes Trial




Clarence Darrow addresses jurors in the Scopes trial

1. Scopes Trial principals re-enact the case's beginnings in Robinson's Drugstore

2. Scopes, Neal, and Rappalyea beneath "Read Your Bible" banner (Bryan College Archives)

3. Malone, Stewart, Bryan, Raulston, and Darrow exchange courtroom greetings (Bryan College Archives)

4. Judge Raulston standing with the Scopes jury (and Sheriff Harris)

5. William Jennings Bryan (speech during trial)

6. William Jennings Bryan

7. Clarence Darrow (Bryan College Archives)

8. Darrow addressing the jury and courtroom spectators (Bryan College Archives)

9. Judge Raulston delivers a ruling

10. Darrow examines Bryan (Smithsonian)

11. Darrow examines Bryan

12. A. Thomas Stewart

13. John Scopes

14.  Rhea County High School in Dayton

15. Anti-Evolution League stand in Dayton

16. William Jennings Bryan and fan

17.  Drugstore owner Robinson with his family and chimp

18.  William Jennings Bryan in a Dayton pulpit

19.  Defense Team Strategizes

20.  Web author's photos of Rhea County Courthouse today

21.  Dayton scene during trial

22.  A John Scopes Jack O'Lantern


1. Darrow and monkey (Detroit News), Darrow tells Bryan about Santa Claus (Ward), Bryan the Crusader (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

2. Dayton playing it for all it's worth (Dallas News), Bryan as Quixote (Chicago Tribune), Monkeys vote on evolution (Chicago Tribune)

3.  Monkeys view humanity (Chicago Defender 6/20/1925)

4.  "Education in the higher branches"  (Wall Street Journal 1925)

5.  "Waiting" (Bigotry Calling)(Baltimore Sun 7/17/1925)