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          by Doug Linder

This site explores some of the great issues and controversies that surround our Nation's founding document. 

Begin your journey by reading the document this site is all about, The Constitution of the United States.

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Cases, Notes & Materials:


Introduction to the Study of Constitutional Law

How the Supreme Court Functions

Constitutional Convention of 1787

The Power of Judicial Review

Theories of Interpretation

Powers of the Federal Government & Restrictions on State Power

The Question of States' Rights:
The Constitution and Federalism

Introduction to the Powers of Congress: The Necessary & Proper Clause

The Federal Power to Regulate Commerce

Federal Powers to Tax and to Spend

Powers of Congress Under the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments

Separation of Powers

Limitations on the Power of States to Regulate Commerce

Interstate Taxation and the Commerce Clause

War and Treaty Powers

Constitutional Limitations on the Judicial Power

State Discrimination Against Non-Residents

Term Limits & State Regulation of Federal Elections

The Role of States in the Federal System: The 10th Amendment

The Role of the States in the Federal System: 11th Amendment & Sovereign Immunity

The Supremacy Clause and Federal Preemption

Article V: Amending the Constitution

The Electoral College Debate

The Senate Power to "Advise and Consent" & Judicial Confirmations

Inauguration of the President
Bill of Rights*, Implied Personal Rights & Due Process of Law

The Bill of Rights: Introduction

The Incorporation Debate

Right to Bear Arms

Student Searches

Takings of Property

Jury Size and Unanimity Under the Sixth Amendment

The Death Penalty

Liberty of Contract?

The Right of Privacy

The Right to an Abortion

Gay Rights

The Right to Die

The Right to Marry

The Family & the Constitution

Is Your Home Your Castle?

Procedural Due Process

Due Process Rights of Students

Government Duty to Protect Lives?

Equal Protection of the Laws

Levels of Scrutiny Under the Equal Protection Clause

Separate but Equal Education

Proving Unconstitutional Discrimination

The Thirteenth Amendment & the Abolition of Slavery

Winning the Vote for Women: The 19th Amendment 

Equal Rights Amendment

Gender Discrimination in Schools and Armed Forces

Equal Protection Materials, (Continued)

Affirmative Action

Should the Rational Basis Test Have Bite?

Equal Protection and "Fundamental Rights" Analysis

Equal Protection Rights of Non-Citizens

Right of New Residents to State Benefits

Racial Discrimination & the State Action Requirement

First Amendment Materials

Introduction to the Free Speech Clause

What is Speech?

Prior Restraints on Publication

Clear & Present Danger Test for Subversive Advocacy

Substantial Overbreadth Doctrine

The Press & Fair Trial Issues

Access to (and Protection of) Sources

The First Amendment and Incitement of Unlawful Conduct


Freedom (Not) to Associate

First Amendment Limitations on Civil Liability

Levels of First Amendment Protection for Different Media

Four-Letter Words and Other Forms of Indecent Speech

Speech Restrictions in the Traditional Public Forum

Time, Place, and Manner Regulations

Speech Restrictions in the Designated Public Forum

Speech Restrictions in the Non-Public Forum

Student Speech Rights

First Amendment Materials, (Continued)

Regulating Hate Speech

Flag Burning and Other Attacks on American Symbols

Speech Compelled by the Government

Speech-Related Conditions Attached to Gov't Spending

Free Speech Rights of Public Employees

Regulation of Commercial Speech

Campaign Finance Regulation

Does the First Amendment Protect Lies?

Regulating Obscenity

Adult-Oriented Businesses and the "Secondary Effects" Test

Free Speech and the State Action Requirement

Introduction to the Establishment Clause

Prayer in the Public Schools

Financial Aid to Religious Schools

Theocracy Issues: Looking for Secular Purposes

Religious Symbols in Public Places

Student-Initiated Religious Speech

The Free Exercise Clause: Rise of the Compelling State Interest Test

Free Exercise Clause: Narrowing of the Test

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