The George Zimmerman Trial: Selected Police & Court Documents

George Zimmerman Reenacts Trayvon Martin Shooting for Sanford Police (2/27/2012)

Sanford Police Investigator Doris Singleton's interview with George Zimmerman (2/26/2012)

Sanford Police Detective Chris Serino's interview with George Zimmerman (12:05 A.M. on 2/27/2012)

Sanford Police interview with eyewitness Jonathan Good (who saw Martin on top of Zimmerman)(3/20/2012)

Florida Dep't of Law Enforcement interview with EMT Kevin O'Rourke (3/24/2012)

Affidavit of Probable Cause--Second Degree Murder (4/11/2012)

Defense Discovery Issues (8/23/2012)
Jury Questionnaire (6/10/2013)

Defense Response (to Prosecution motion to exclude Zimmerman's statements near time of murder as "self-serving hearsay")(6/21/2013)
Court Minutes (Opening Day of Trial, 6/24/2013)

Exhibit and Identification List #1 (6/25/2013)

Jury Instructions

Jury Verdict Form (7/13/2013)