Selected Verse From the Gazette

William Bradford's New York Gazette was the mouthpiece of the Cosby administration.  Governor Cosby placed Francis Harison in charge of the Gazette's editorial policy.  The verse below was probably written by Harison.

January 7, 1734
Cosby the mild, the happy, good and great,
The strongest guard of our little state; 
Let malcontents in crabbed language write,
And the D...h H....s belch, tho' they cannot bite.
He unconcerned will let the wretches roar,
And govern just, as others did before.
March 18, 1734
Thersites only clamored in the throng,
Loquacious, loud, and turbulent of tongue,
And by no shame, by no respect controlled;
In scandal busy, in reproaches bold;
But chief, he gloried with licentious style,
To lash the great, and rulers to revile.

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