Order for the Public Burning of Zenger's Journals
Order of Governor William Cosby
October 22, 1734
Whereas by an order of this Council some of John Peter Zengerís journals, entitled The New York Weekly Journal, Nos. 7, 47, 48, 49, were ordered to be burned by the hands of the common hangman or whipper near the pillory in this city on Wednesday the 6th between the hours of 11 and 12 in the forenoon, as containing in them many things tending to sedition and faction, to bring His Majestyís government into contempt, and to disturb the peace thereof, and containing in them likewise not only reflections upon His Excellency the Governor in particular, and the legislature in general, but also upon the most considerable persons in the most distinguished stations in this Province;

It is therefore ordered that the mayor and magistrates (aldermen sitting in their judicial capacities as Justices of the Peace) of this city do attend at the burning of the several papers or journals aforesaid, numbered as above mentioned.

Bench Warrant  for Arrest of John Peter Zenger
November 2, 1734

At a Council held at Fort George in New York, November 2, 1734.  Present: His Excellency William Cosby, Captain General and Governor in Chief, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Harison, Mr. Livingston, Mr. Kennedy, the Chief Justice [DeLancey], Mr. Cortland, Mr. Lane, Mr. Horsmanden.

It is ordered that the sheriff for the City of New York do forthwith take and apprehend John Peter Zenger for printing and publishing several seditious libels dispersed throughout his journals or newspapers, entitled The New York Weekly Journal; as having in them many things tending to raise factions and tumults among the people of this Province, inflaming their minds with contempt of His Majestyís government, and greatly disturbing the peace thereof.  An upon his taking the said John Peter Zenger, to commit him to the prison or common jail of the said city and county.

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