Testimony of Antonio Migge

Wood  was examined by Charles Gill

Migge: I am a professor of massage, and I attend the Savoy Hotel to massage patients.  I attended to massage Mr. Oscar Wilde at the hotel, a bedroom on the third floor being occupied by him.  It was March 1893, from the 16th to the 20th of the month.  One morning on going into the room--I entered after knocking--I saw someone in bed.  At first I thought it was a young lady, as I saw only the head, but afterwards I saw that it was a young man.  It was someone about sixteen to eighteen years of age.  Mr. Wilde was in the same room dressing himself.  He told me he felt so much better that morning and that, as he was very busy, he could not stay to have the treatment.  I never attended Mr. Wilde again.

Edward Clarke (cross-examination): You had gone to the room at the usual time for the massage, had you not?
Migge:  Yes
Clarke: Was the door of the bedroom locked?
Migge: No, the door was not locked.
Clarke: And when you opened the door, Mr. Wilde was dressing?
Migge: Yes
Clarke: In what part of the room was he?
Migge:  At the washstand.

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