Excerpts from the Testimony of Arthur Roderick, U. S. Marshal
[from Ruby Ridge: The Truth and Tragedy of the Randy Weaver Family by Jess Walter]
(used with permission of the author)

Examination by Assistant U. S. Attorney Kim Lindquist:

Roderick: “I heard a shot to my left. I knew it was a wavy caliber weapon. . . . The dog just stopped. He froze to look back where the sound was coming from.”
Lindquist:  “What happened next?”

Roderick: “I shot the dog.”
Lindquist:  “Why did you shoot the dog?”
Roderick: “A couple of reasons.  [First, the dog looked like it might attack,] but mainly, that dog had just led Kevin Harris and Samuel Weaver a half-mile. . . to right where we were at. I was afraid if we did get into the woods and we continued down that trail, that dog would keep alerting and lead them right to us.”

Cross-examination by David Nevin: 

Nevin: [Did you realize the first shot you heard was the beginning of a firefight?]
Roderick: “Yes.”
Nevin:  “And you paused at that time to shoot the dog?  In fact, sir, you shot the dog first, didn’t you?”
Roderick:  “No. You have heard my testimony. No, I did not shoot the dog first.”
Nevin:  [What did you tell the Captain Neal, an Idaho state policeman, about shooting the dog?]
Roderick:  “I just started telling him what happened, which road was here, which road was there, and I said, ‘Watch out, there’s a dead dog up the trail there: and then he asked me a question, ‘How did Degan get shot?’ And I told him.”
Nevin: “Didn’t you tell Captain Neal that you shot the dog first?”
Roderick:  “No.  I didn’t say that I shot the dog first. . . I don’t know how many times I’ve got to answer this question.”

Cross-examination by Gerry Spence:
Spence:  ....“You told the ladies and gentlemen of the jury that you came sneaking out there in the middle of the night—”
Roderick:  “I did not say anything about sneaking.”
Spence:  “You did sneak, didn’t you?”
Roderick:  “What do you call sneaking? You’re putting words in my mouth.
Spence:  “Sneak: to go stealthily or furtively.
Roderick:  “Are you asking me what I said or what you said? I did not say I was sneaking. You said I’m sneaking.”
Spence: “Now don’t get excited.”
Roderick:  “I’m not getting excited. I’m just explaining to you what your question was.”
Spence:  “You asked me, didn’t you? Or have you forgotten? You asked me what I meant by sneak.”
Roderick: “Correct, but I did not say that.”
Spence:  “I didn’t ask you that.”

Roderick: “Yes, you did.”
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