Excerpts from the Testimony of Kenneth Fadeley, ATF undercover agent
[from Ruby Ridge: The Truth and Tragedy of the Randy Weaver Family by Jess Walter]
(used with permission of the author)

Cross-examination by Defense Attorney Charles Peterson:

Peterson: ....“I used to live there in Coeur d’Alene. There’s a little Free Methodist Church down the road not too far there from Hayden Lake. Did you stop there and get all the license plates [along with license numbers he gathered at an Aryan Nations meeting], too?”

Fadeley:  “No, sir.”

Peterson: ...“Those people [members of the Catholic church, then the Episcopalians, the Baptists, the Quakers, and the Lutherans] were not considered by you worthy of taking their license plates. They weren’t a danger, were they?”

Peterson:  “Didn’t ATF tell you, ‘Don’t record those initial conversations [with Weaver] when you’re talking to this guy about the money and getting him to do the deal? You don’t record those because then there’d be evidence of entrapment that could be used against us.”

Fadeley: “That’s wrong.”

Peterson: [How much will you get paid for working on the Weaver case?]

Fadeley: "I don't know."

Peterson: “It certainly would have something to do with the number of lies you told throughout the case, wouldn’t it?”

Fadeley:  ....“I was told I’d be paid case by case....After we concluded a case, there may be a monetary settlement possible.”

Peterson: Okay. "After we concluded a case, there may be a monetary settlement"? Oh, let's talk about this case then. First of all, in order to conclude a case, you would have to get a guy to trial in the case, is that right?

Fadeley:  "I would assume so."

Peterson: “And you would assume that not only would you would have to get him convicted, right?”

Fadeley: “If he was guilty.”

Peterson: “Well, if you don’t get a conviction, you don’t get any money, right?”

Fadeley:  “I would assume so."

Peterson:  “And that’s not just your assumption, sir. That's your understanding about this case too, isn't it? If Randy Weaver gets acquitted of this gun case, you don’t get paid, right?”

Fadeley: “I guess so."

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