New York Times Accounts of Fire,
Investigation, and Trial

March 26, 1911 (page 1)
"141 Men and Girls Die in Waist Factory Fire; Trapped High Up in Washington Place Building; Street Strewn with Bodies; Piles of Dead Inside."

March 26, 1911 (page 4)
"Stories of Survivors. And Witnesses and Rescuers Outside Tell What They Saw."

March 28, 1911 (page 1)
"Blame Shifted on All Sides for Fire Horror."

December 5, 1911
"Triangle Waist Men Put on Trial"

December 12, 1911
"Girls Fought Vainly at Triangle Doors; Survivors of the Disaster Describe its Horrors"

December 21, 1911
"Say Triangle Doors Were Never Locked"

December 27, 1911
"Triangle Case to Jury Today; Defendants Themselves Give Their Testimony"

December 28, 1911 (page 1)
"Triangle Owners Acquitted by Jury; Throng in Street Hisses and Reviles Defendants"

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