Doar Footnotes (work in progress 11/2001)

1.  "If we can crack Mississippi...": Calvin Trillin, Letter From Jackson, New Yorker (8/29/64), p94.
2. "Shake up": Ibid., p104.
3. "You're going to be classified into two groups...": NYT (6/19/64), p16.
4. "There is no federal police force...":WANA, p31.
5. "They were hostile...": John Doar Interview (11/6/99).
6. "The SNCC kids were pushing": JDI (11/6/99).
7.  "I admire what you intend...": NYT (6/20/64), p12.
8.  "Three times John Doar stood alone": Minneapolis Star Tribune (10/27/94), p1B.
9.  "We want the killer!": Claude Sitton, 27 Are Arrested in Jackson Riots, NYT (5/16/63).
10. "You're not going to win anything with bottles...": NYT (5/16/63).
11. "We get our rumps shot...":
12. "Aw, give us a break...":
13.  "This man is right": NYT (5/16/63).
14.  "My name is John Doar...": Roy Reed, Ubiquitous Rights Aide, NYT (9/3/63), p26.
14B.  "Medgar Evers wouldn't want it this way": Ghosts of Mississippi, p144.
15.  "I have invested the FBI with the power...": WANA, p319.
15A.  "because it's the most important thing...": CG, GH (5/65), p158.
15B. "frightened beyond words": GH, p158.
15C. "got through all right": GH, p162.
16.  "If they're missing, they hid somewhere...": NYT (6/23/64), p1.
17.  "[They] told me they had spent the day...": WANA, p323.
18.  "Hell, John, let's have a drink...": WANA, p324.
19.  "The President will see you now": Carolyn Goodman, My Son Didn't Die in Vain, Good Housekeeping (May, 1965), p164.
20.  "I wanted to leap toward his desk...": GH (5/65), p164.
21.  "I'm sorry to give you this news...": WANA, p331.
21B.  "Ma'am, we'll do everything we can": GH, p164.
22.  "There are three sovereignties involved": WANA, p333.
23.  "Pull together all the information...": JDI (11/6/99).
23B. "You better come up": JDI (11/6/99).
24.  "No federal official knows the territory better": SC, p335.
24B. "NAACP stands for niggers, apes,...": TLFM, p.62.
25.  "could be in Cuba": WANA, p342.
25B. "there is complete tranquility between the races": NYT (6/25/64), p18.
26.  "I'm going to refuse Mr. Meredith": NYT (9/27/62), p1.
27.  "You people understand you are in violation...": Claude Sitton, U. S. Defied Third Time, NYT (9/27/62), p1.
28.  "a long way from Wisconsin": Taylor Branch, Parting the Waters: America in the King Years, 1954-63, p667.
29.  "I haven't had such an interesting time...": PTW, p.667.
30.  "Would the Justice Department have...":
31.  "We're now looking for bodies...": NYT (6/25/64) p1.
31B. "The kids are dead": TB, Pillar of Fire: America in the King Years, 1963-65, p374.
32.   "Governor Wallace and I are the only two...": WANA, p357.
33.  "Rarely in the history of law enforcement...": Transcript, p2328.
34.  "A thousand eyes explored every corner...":
35.  "They owned the place":
36.  "It didn't pay to push Neshobans...":
37.  "wheel-spinning":
38.  "the pungent odor of decaying flesh":
39.  "a job nobody else wanted": Nadine Cohodas, "Remembering the Voting Rights Revolution," N. J. Law J (814/95).
40.  "I'll do it": TB, p332.
41.  "I liked trial work...": NYT (9/3/63)
42.  "boyish" looking: NYT (12/4/65)
43.  "Observers sometimes liken his manner...": NYT (9/3/63), p26.
44. "John Doar had a clear vision...": New Jersey Law Journal (8/14/95), p9.
45.  "I was the first Justice Department lawyer...": NJLJ (8/14/95).
46.  "I spent a great deal of each year...": New Jersey Law Journal, "Remembering the Voting Rights Revolution" (8/14/95), p9.
47.  "John Doar's in Birmingham...": NYT (9/3/63)
48.  "It was hard on my wife...":
49.  "He goes in with evidence by the bale...": NYT (9/3/63)
50.  "Absolutely not.  You just present...": Interview with Howard A. Glickstein (9/25/99).
51.  "Facts, facts, facts": NYT (12/4/65)
51B. "took anything that came out of his mouth...": Glickstein (9/25/99)
51C. "with all the emotionally charged rhetoric...": Glickstein (9/25/99)
52.  "Okay, I'm coming right in": Fred Powledge, Free at Last? The Civil Rights Movement and the People Who Made It (1991, Little, Brown), p331.
53.  "I didn't know what I was doing...": FAL, p331.
54.  "That night I heard this knock...": FAL, p332.
55.  "This was the might of the United States...": FAL, p332.
56.  "conspiring to violate the civil rights":
57.  "Jesus, Jesus, no":
58.  "under color of state law": Fred Graham, "Legal Poser on Rights," NYT (2/26/65), p14.
58B. "The right of every person not to be...": NYT (2/26/65), p14.
59.  "It was the FBI.  A Mrs. Liuzzo...": NYT (12/4/65), p35.
60.  "a white nigger who turned her car...":
61.  "who would accept money from....":
62.  considered a "difficult" argument: Roy Reed, "U.S. Opens Conspiracy Case Against 3 Klansmen," NYT (11/30/65, p33)
63.  "successful conclusion": NYT (12/4/65), p1.
64. "The court and the jury did their duty...": NYT (12/4/65), p35.
65.  "I knew the area just like I knew...": JDI (11/6/99).
66.  "strange, tight little town": WANA, p380.
67.  "Three young men came here to set you free...": WANA, p381.
68.  "You can't come up these steps": WANA, p382.
69.  "You're damn right...": WANA, p382.
70.  "This is a terrible town...": WANA, p382.
71.  "Neshoba County was a rough...": JDI (11/6/99).
72.  "Dear Mr. Doar....": JD, Fla State (Fall, 1997), p10.
73.  "a piece of machinery": JDI (11/6/99).
74.  "Tell your brother that if he will give me...": SC, 451.
75.  "We smothered them with paper...": SC, p325.
76.  "It was a Saturday morning in 1964...":
77.  "a bunch of chimpanzees": Ghosts of Mississippi, p84.h
78.  "first big turning point": JDI (11/6/99).
79.  "We were looking for signs of intelligence...": JDI (11/6/99).
80.  "because they didn't like what these boys stood for": NYT (10/10/67), p21.
81.  "I hope very much you will understand the reason...": Transcript, pp2323-2324.
82.  "forced the Negro James Meredith...":
83.  "a goat beard": TT, p97.
84.  "Did he advocate the burning of draft cards...": TT, p100.
85.  "Now let me ask you if you and Mr. Schwerner...": TT, p113.
86.  "highly improper": TT, p114.
87.  "Brother Killen wrote the question...": TT, p115.
88.  "The rape question was a tremendous blunder...": WARA, p446-47.
89.  "Members of the Jury, this is an extraordinary...": Transcript, pp2326-2327.
90.  "I've got a good one!": TT, p2345.
91.  "Chaney wants to pay off...": TT, p193.
92.  "See how quick you can get out...": TT, p193.
93.  "You don't know for certain...": Meridian Star (10/11/67)
94.  "They might have been bit by a rattlesnake": MS (10/11/67)
95.  "You don't know if those bullets...": MS (10/11/67)
96.  "This is a case, in part, of circumstantial...": Transcript, p2331.
97.  "Members of the Jury, Neshoba County...": Transcript, p.2328.
98.  "elimination" of "Goatee" had "been approved":
99.  "It's hard to have to sit there...": MS (10/12/67)
100.  "To understand this case...": Transcript, p2339.
101.  "an important meeting": TT, p2344.
102.  "It was agreed we had better leave...":
103.  "It was the first time that Christians...": MS (10/12/67)
103B.  "He said Judge Cox would probably make them...": MS (10/12/67).
104.  "This was a small, secret militant group...": Transcript, p2338.
105.  "Instead of thirty pieces of silver...": William H. McIlhany II, Klandestine, pp204-05.
106.  "You either get on the right side or...":
107.  "James Jordan": MS (10/13/67)
108.  "Members of the Jury, in the execution...": Transcript, p2345-46.
109.  "said he had a job...": TT, p957.
110.  "They're going on Highway 19...": TT, pp968-69.
111.  "Price got out and told the three men...": TT, p973.
112:  "about four" shots: TT, p988.
113.  "Much will be said about Jordan's...": TT, p2349.
114.  "Horace Doyle Barnette felt...":
115.  "Always beside were other men...": Transcript, p2356.
116.  "Blank pulled Schwerner out of the car...": Transcript, p2361.
117.  "Then Jim Jordan said...": Transcript, p2361.
118.  "Sam is in church everytime...": NYT (10/18/67), p25.
119.  did not deserve "full faith and credit": NYT (10/18/67), p25.
120.  "I'm looking for the FBI to pick me up...": NYT (10/18/67), p25.
121.  "selling tickets, and making popcorn...": MS (10/17/67)
122.  "been calling me the worst names...": MS (10/17/67)
123.   "rapt attention": MS (10/18/67)
124.  "machinery of his office, the badge...": NYT (10/19/67), p37.
125.  "Members of the Jury, this is an important...": Transcript, p2363-64.
126.  "at least they're not paid informers": NYT (10/19/67), p37.
127.  "if life in Mississippi is miserable...": NYT (10/19/67), p37.
128.  "the government brought in its crack leader...": MS (10/19/67)
129.  "as innocent and pure as the driven snow": NYT (10/19/67), p37.
130.  "Those are little people...":
131.  "Even if they turn me loose...": NYT (10/20/67).
132.  "When do you think the jury...": MS (10/20/67).
133.  "honest conviction": NYT (10/20/67).
134.  "Judge Cox gave the jury a dynamite...": NYT (10/21/67).
135.  "We, the jury, find the defendant...": NYT (10/21/67).
136.  "To have that jury return that verdict...": JDI (11/6/99).
137.  "What is more likely is...": JDI (11/6/99).
138.  "the trial helped Mississippi get beyond...": JDI (11/6/99).
139.  "was really central to the conspiracy": JDI (11/6/99).
140.  "Man, I thought they were fittin'": MS (10/21/67)
141.  "They killed one nigger...":
142.  "I just felt it was the right time...": NYT (12/3/67), p36.
143.  "This is a terrible loss...": NYT (11/30/67), p35.
144.  "one guy in the establishment they could...": NYT (11/30/67). p35.
145.  "His job was great, his will and talent...": Congressional Press Release, Office of Congressman John Lewis (12/8/97).
145B.  "His life has been in those nothing motels...": Quoted in Princeton Univ. PR ("John Doar: Doar Prize") by Jerry Price (downloaded 11/28/00).
146.  "Burke Marshall asked me to judge": JDI (11/6/99).
147.  Keep your mouths shut...:
148.  "We're so damn secretive...":
149.  "My time as a lawyer is...": John Doar, The Work of the Civil Rights Division in Enforcing Voting Rights Under the Civil Rights Acts of 1957 and 1960, Florida State Univ. Law Review, Vol. 25, No. 1 (Fall, 1997), p16.
150.  "She drew herself up to full...": MST (10/27/94), p1B.
151.  "Did you ever agree...": MST (10/27/94), p1B.
152.  "As a lawyer, no one could be...": JDI (11/6/99).
153.  "the best there is--somebody...": JDI (11/6/99).
154.  "If someone says, 'This is...": JDI (11/6/99).
155.  "the spirit of Justice": JDI (11/6/99).
156.  "We learned you just got to keep going back...": JDI (11/6/99).
157.  "We didn't want the white people to...": JDI (11/6/99).
158.  "did what they did best": JDI (11/6/99).
159.  "I don't think it's quite the right word...": JDI (11/6/99).
160.  "We've got to accept this...": WANA, p456.
161.  "The moral arc of the universe...": WANA, p292.  Another version of this remark of King's, made in a speech on March 25 at the conclusion of the second Selma to Montgomery march: "I know that you are asking today, 'How long will it take?' I come to say to you this afternoon however difficult the moment, however frustrating the hour, it will not be long, because truth pressed to earth will rise again. How long? Not long, because no lie can live forever. How long? Not long, because you still reap what you sow. How long? Not long. Because the arm of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice."