The Emmett Till Murder Trial: Selected Images

Till jury (first two rows)
Bryant Grocery & Meat Market
Mose Wright's home
Tallahatchie County Courthouse, scene of trial

The Victim
Emmett Till

The Defendants
Roy Bryant
J. W. Milam
Bryant and Milam

The Murder of Emmett Till
Disfigured face of Emmett Till (in open casket)(gruesome)
Fan (was tied to Till's neck)
Till's mother by his open casket
Funeral day crowd in Chicago

Trial Participants
Mose Wright (holding Till's pants)
(Univ. of Memphis Special Collections)
Carolyn Bryant
Till jury (first two rows)
Sheriff H. C. Strider
(Commercial Appeal photo)
Prosecutors Gerald Chatham and R. B. Smith
Judge Curtis Swango
Surprise witnesses for state (Amanda Brady, Willie Reed, Add Reed)

Courtroom Scenes
Courtroom crowd
Defense attorneys at trial

NAACP rally in NYC protesting verdict (Oct. 11, 1955)
(photo: NAACP )

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