The Emmett Till Murder Case: The FBI Report
(February 9, 2006)

The Tallahatchie River near Glendora, Mississippi, where Till's body was found

I. Synopsis

II. Background
Geography of Relevant Mississippi Counties
Segregation and Significant Events of 1955

III. Details
Persons Involved or Investigated
Emmett Louis Till
Wright Family
Crawford Family
Walker Family
The Milam/Bryant Family
Carolyn and Roy Bryant
John William Milam and Juanita Milam
Leslie Milam
Melvin L. Campbell
Elmer O. Kimbrell
Hubert Clark
[Unidentified person 1*]
Levi Collins
Johnny B. Washington
Otha Johnson Jr.
[Unidentified person 2**]
Mary "Amandy" Bradley
Unidentified person 3***]
Unidentified person 4****]
Unidentified person 5*****]
Key Locations
Bryant's Grocery and Meat Market
Grover C. Frederick Farm
Glendora, Mississippi
Clint Shurden Plantation

IV. Investigation of the Offense
Sequence of Events
Movement and Identification of Body
Trial of Bryant and Milam
November 8, 1955 Leflore County Grand Jury
Laboratory, Medical, and Other Findings
Other Allegations

++ The published FBI report blocks out the names of those still living at the time of the report in 2006.

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