Murder at the Garden
The 1906 murder of Stanford White by Harry Thaw at Madison Square Garden, a building designed by White

White's decision to place a nude 13-foot statue
of Diana atop the tower at Madison Square Garden created controversy.  Diana now resides at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Madison Square Garden, designed by architect Stanford White, as it appeared in 1906.  Harry Thaw, angered by White's prior affair with his wife Evelyn (then only 16-years-old), murdered White at the Garden on June 25, 1906.

A June 29, 1906 cartoon in the New York American showing White shooting arrows at young virgins.  In 1901-1902, the 47-year-old White had a torrid affair with 16-year-old model  (then actress)  Evelyn Nesbit.

Newspaper depiction of Harry K. Thaw shooting
Stanford White as he watched the musical comedy
 "Mamzelle Champagne."

Newspaper diagram of the murder at Madison Square Garden's rooftop theater.  Around 11:00 pm, Harry and Evelyn Thaw rose to leave and headed toward the elevator door to the right of the diagram.  Harry suddenly left his wife and stood behind some large leafy plants, where he watched White for a moment.  He then pulled out a revolver from under his coat and walked directly to White's table.  He stopped two feet in front of  White and fired three shots.  Two entered  the head of the architect and one his shoulder.

The rooftop theater at Madison Square Garden,
scene of the murder of Stanford White.

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