Prosecution Witnesses
 Harry Thaw Trial 1907

 Testimony of Paul Brudi, the fireman who disarmed Thaw

Brudi: “I remember hearing only two shots, when I rushed up and grabbed the prisoner, who had his arms uplifted.”

Garvan:  “Did you hear the defendant say anything after the shooting?”

Brudi: “Yes. He said ‘He ruined my wife.’”

Garvan: “Did he say anything else?”


Garvan: “Did you hear any one say anything to him?”

Brudi: “His wife.”

Garvan: “What did she say?”

Brudi: “Look at the fix you are in.”

Garvan: “Did he reply?”

Brudi: “I did not hear him say anything else.”

Testimony of Officer A. L. Debes, arresting officer

Garvan:  “Did you have any conversation with Thaw?”

Debes:  “I did. I asked the prisoner if he had shot Stanford White, and he said, ‘I did.’ I then asked him why he shot him and he said, ‘Because he ruined my wife—or life.’”

Garvan: “You could not distinguish whether he said wife or life?”

Debes: "No. Thaw then asked where we were going and I replied, 'to the station house,’ and he said, 'All right. After this I turned him over to another officer and went upstairs to get witnesses...."

Garvan: “Did you hear any remark credited to the defendant’s wife that night?”

Debes: “Yes.”

Garvan: “Where was it?”

Debes: “On the ground floor of the Twenty-sixth street entrance.:

Garvan:  “What did she say?”

Debes:  “‘Harry why did you do it?’ and he replied, ‘It will be all right.’”

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