Defense Witnesses
 Harry Thaw Trial 1907

 Testimony of Benjamin Bowman, theatre doorman

Bowman:  “I knew Stanford White and Harry Thaw....A few nights after Christmas, 1903, Stanford White came up to me after the show and wanted to know if Miss Nesbit had gone home. I told him she had. He replied: ‘You are a liar.’ I told him to go back on the stage and see for himself.

“When he returned, and as he passed me he pulled a pistol from his pocket and muttered: “‘I’ll find and kill that -- -- -- before daylight.’ “

Delmas:  “Did you tell Harry Thaw of this threat against his life?’’

Bowman:  “Yes, I met him on Fifth avenue and told him I wanted to speak with him regarding Miss Nesbit. I then told him of the incident at the theater and of White’s threat.”

Delmas:  “What was Mr. White’s condition when he made the threat?”

Bowman:  “He was black in the face with anger.”

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