Take 5
 (limited by my own experience)

     Best Non-U.S. Cities: Stockholm, Paris, Copenhagen, Victoria, Prague
     Best Countries: New Zealand, Canada, Norway, Denmark, United States
     Best Small Towns: Cooperstown (N. Y.), Camden (Me.), Grand Marais (Mn.), Mendocino (Ca.), Hanover (NH.)
     Best States: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington, Oregon, Vermont
     Best Campus Towns: Bozeman, Madison, Boulder, Lawrence, Ithaca
     Best Singer-Songerwriters: Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison
     Best National Parks: Yellowstone, Glacier, Zion, Isle Royale, Denali
     Best Places to Take Kids: Yellowstone (off season), San Diego, Sanibel Island, Minnesota's North Shore, Orlando
     Best Sporting Events: NCAA Final Four, World Series, Masters, Rose Bowl, Wimbledon Final
     Best Holidays: Thanksgiving, May Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Halloween
     Best Movies: Annie Hall, An Affair to Remember, Tender Mercies, Hoop Dreams, Dr. Zhivago
     Best Artists: Cezanne, Pollock, Kandinsky, Johns, Hockney
     Best Television Shows: CBS Sunday Morning, M*A*S*H, Northern Exposure, Wonder Years, Simpsons
     Best 20th Century American Novels: Rabbit is Rich (Updike), Angle of Repose (Stegner), The Great Gatsby (Fitzgerald), Sometimes a Great Notion (Kesey), A River Runs Through It (Maclean)
     Best Trees: Sugar Maple, White Pine, Paper Birch, Dogwood, American Elm
     Best Presidents: Lincoln, Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Cleveland
     Best Smells: Orange blossoms, vanilla, pine trees, burning leaves in the fall, wet grass after a rain
     Best Art Museums: Louisiana (outside Copenhagen), MOMA, The Louve, Guggenheim, Rodin Sculpture Garden (Paris)
     Best Baseball Stadiums: Target Field (Minneapolis), Royals Stadium (K. C.), Camden Yards (Balt.), Wrigley Field (Chicago), Fenway Park (Boston)
     Best Songs Since 1950: Me and Bobby McGee (Joplin), Love Minus Zero\No Limit (Dylan), Into the Mystic (Van Morrison), Ripple (Grateful Dead), Lake Charles  (Lucinda Williams)
     Best Children's Books: Charlotte's Web, The B. F. G., Stuart Little, Matilda, The Little Princess
     Best Supreme Court Justices: John Marshall, John Harlan (II), Louis Brandeis, Robert Jackson, Oliver Wendell Holmes
     Best Tasting Berries: Thimbleberries, Lingonberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries
     Best Animals to Observe in a Zoo: Chimpanzees, Polar Bears, Otters, Dolphins, Walruses

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