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D. C. STEPHENSON TRIAL: Selected Images

The jury that convicted D. C. Stephenson

David C. Stephenson
Madge Oberholtzer
Defendants Stephenson (left) and Earl Gentry (front right) on way to bail bond hearing in June 1925
(Indianapolis Star photo)

The Stephenson jury
(Indianapolis Star photo)
Courtroom that was site of 1925 trial
Defense attorney Ephraim Inman (right) and Prosecutor Will Remy (left)(Indianapolis Star photo)
Asa Smith, the attorney who took Madge's dying declaration
(Indianapolis Star photo)
Hotel register showing false names ("Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Morgan, Franklin") used to register Stephenson and Oberholtzer into hotel (Indianapolis Star photo)
Matilda (left) and George Olberholzer (second from right), parents of Madge, outside courthouse (Indianapolis Star photo)
The "black boxes" of Stephenson that revealed political ties to KKK (Indianapolis Star photo)
Letter from Indianapolis Mayor John Duvall promising that appointments could be approved by Stephenson
(Indianapolis Star photo)

Indiana Klan outside Indiana church in 1925
Indiana Klan wedding photo

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