The Trial of Socrates: Selected Images

Images of Socrates
Socrates (Greek bust)
Socrates (rubbing chin) and Plato (under tree)(Mosaic from Pompeii)
"The Death of Socrates" by Jacques-Louis David (1787)
Socrates Drinking the Hemlock

Plato (Greek bust)
Xenophon (Greek bust) (MUSEO DEL PRADO)
Aristophanes (Greek bust)
Aeschines (Greek bust)

Greek Artifacts and Ruins
Ruins of jail that housed Socrates until execution
Fourth-century B.C.E. ballot disks
Vials that might have contained hemlock
Ostrakas (banishment ballots)

Trial Scene Sketches
Royal Stoa, Scene of Preliminary Hearing (Anakrisis)
Heliaea (Law Court (Trial Scene))

Poison hemlock

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