The O. J. Simpson Trial: Excerpts from the Trial Transcript

Kato Kaelin on the witness stand

Prosecution Witnesses
Sharon Gilbert, LAPD 911 Dispatcher (1/31/95)
Ron Shipp, friend of O. J. and Nicole on OJ's "dream" (2/1-2/95)
Carl Colby, neighbor of NBS who saw OJ (2/3/95)
Denise Brown, Nicole's sister on OJ's abuse (2/3 &2/6/95)
Pablo Fenjves, heard mournful dog at 10:20 (2/7/95)
Robert Riske, first LAPD officer at scene ((2/9 & 2/14/95)
Mark Fuhrman, LAPD detective who found glove (3/9-10, 3/13-16/95)
Philip Vannatter, LAPD detective in charge of Rockingham (3/21-23, 3/27-28/95)
Brian "Kato" Kaelin, houseguest of Simpson who heard thumps (3/21-23, 3/27-28/95)
Allan Park, limo driver (3/28-29/95)
James Williams, LAX skycap saw OJ near rubbish bin (3/29/95)
Dennis Fung, LAPD criminologist who gathered evidence (4/3-5, 4/11-14, 4/17-18/95)
Richard Rubin, Isotoner Glove executive (6/15-16/95)
William Bodziak, FBI shoe expert (6/19/95)
Samuel Poser, Bloomingdale's shoe department manager (6/20/95)

Defense Witnesses
Danny Mandel, neighborhood walker (7/11/95)
Denise Pilnak, neighbor (7/11/95)
Michael Norris, airport employee (7/12/95)
Mark Partridge, airline passenger (7/13/95)
Dr. Robert Huizenga, OJ's doctor (7/14 &7/17-18/95)
Henry Lee, forensic expert (8/22-23,25,28/95)
Laura Hart McKinny, screenwriter who taped Fuhrman conversations (8/29, 9/5-6/95)
Roderic Hodge, man arrested by Fuhrman (9/6/95)
Mark Fuhrman, LAPD detective (9/6/95)

Closing Arguments
Marcia Clark, prosecutor  (9/26/95)
Cristopher Darden, prosecutor (9/26/95)
Johnnie Cochran, defense attorney (9/27-28/95)

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