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Iago in Brentwood: How Mark Fuhrman Got Away with Murder



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A Question of Evidence: The O.J. Simpson Hearing (Court TV, 1994)

California Vs. O.J. Simpson Vol. 1 (Mpi Home Video, 1995)

California Vs. O.J. Simpson Vol. 2 (Mpi Home Video, 1995)

O.J. Simpson (A&E Biography, 1998)

O.J. Simpson - Fall From Grace (American Home Entertainment, 1995)

O.J. Simpson - Juice on the Loose (Vidmark/Trimark, 1994)

O.J. Simpson Preliminary Hearings (Simitar Entertainmen, 1994)

The O.J. Simpson Story, starring Bobby Hosea (Twentieth Century Fox, 1994)

The O.J. Simpson Trial - V. 1 -4 (Court TV, 1995)

Trial of O.J. Simpson, Twentieth Century With Mike Wallace (A&E Biography, 1999)

Why O.J. Simpson Won (A&E American Justice Series, 1998)

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