The O. J. Simpson Trial: The Images

Simpson tries on "the gloves that did not fit"

Pretrial Trial Scenes
Bronco Chase Scene
Crime Investigation Scene (LA Times)*

Trial Scenes
Cochran trying on cap
O. J. trying on glove
An angry Ito
Clark examines Fuhrman
The Dream Team confers
Media mob (LA Times)
Marcia Clark pointing to exhibit
Jury van (LA Times)
O. J. and his attorneys react to verdict

Cast of Characters
Nicole Simpson (AP)
Ronald Goldman
O.  J. Simpson
Judge Lance Ito
Mark Furhman
Kato Kaelin
Johnnie Cochran
Robert Shapiro
F. Lee Bailey
Marcia Clark

Coroner's sketch
DNA banding patterns

Maps & Diagrams
Brentwood map (L. A. Times)
Bundy residence
Rockingham residence
Bronco diagram

* L. A. Times photos from In Pursuit of Justice: The People vs. Orenthal James Simpson (1995, by the L. A. Times Staff)

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