[Chief Justice Fuller ordered the six convicted defendants to rise.  Then he imposed the Supreme Court's sentence. (11/15/1909).]

CHIEF JUSTICE FULLER: You, Joseph F. Shipp, Jeremiah Gibson, LutherWilliams, Nick Nolan, Henry Padgett, and William Mayes, are before this Court on an attachment for contempt.  You have been found guilty.

Sheriff Shipp, Luther Williams, and Nick Nolan are hereby sentenced to ninety days imprisonment.  Jeremiah Gibson, Henry Padgett, and William Mayes are hereby sentenced to sixty days imprisonment.  All sentences are to be served at the United States Jail in the District of Columbia.

This Court is adjourned.

There was, of course, no appeal possible.  The only criminal trial in the history of the United States Supreme Court was over.

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