Newspaper Articles Concerning the Shipp Case, 1906-2000

Accounts of Rape and Investigation
Awful Crime at St. Elmo (Chattanooga Times, 1/24/1906)
Feeling at High Pitch (Chattanooga Times, 1/25/1906)

Accounts of Arrest of Ed Johnson and First Attempted Lynching
Law and Order Victorious Over Overwhelming Odds (Chattanooga Times, 1/26/1906)
Wheels of Justice Turn Quickly  (Chattanooga Times, 1/28/1906)

Interview with Ed Johnson
Says He Is Not Guilty  (Chattanooga Times, 2/2/1906)

Accounts of Trial of Ed Johnson
State Presents Its Case  (Chattanooga Times, 2/7/1906)
W. G. M. Thomas on Stand (Chattanooga Times, 2/8/1906)
Ed Johnson Jury Stands 8 to 4 For Conviction (Chattanooga Times, 2/9/1906)
Ed Johnson Sentenced to Die on March 13 (Chattanooga Times, 2/10/1906)
W.G.M. Thomas Tells Why Case Will Not Be Appealed (Chattanooga Times, 2/10/1906)

Accounts of Post-Trial Activity and Supreme Court Intervention
S. L. Hutchins May Try to Save Ed Johnson (Chattanooga Times, 2/20/1906)
Lawyers Worked Every Point to Save Johnson  (Chattanooga Times, 3/5/1906)
Habeas Corpus Proceedings in the Ed Johnson Case (Chattanooga Times, 3/10/1906)
Judge Clark Stays Johnson Execution (Chattanooga Times, 3/12/1906)
Governor Cox Gives Ed Johnson One More Week to Live  (Chattanooga Times, 3/13/1906)
Now Up to Last Court (Chattanooga Times, 3/16/1906)
Condemned Prisoner Has No Chance to Get Lonesome (Chattanooga Times, 3/17/1906)
Day of Doom Is Very Near (Chattanooga Times, 3/18/1906)
Justice Harlan Allows Appeal of Ed Johnson  (Chattanooga Times, 3/19/1906)

Accounts of Lynching and Funeral of Ed Johnson
God Bless You All--I Am Innocent  (Chattanooga Times, 3/20/1906)
Funeral of Johnson (Chattanooga Times, 3/22/1906)

Accounts of Investigation of Sheriff Shipp and the Lynching Conspirators
Lynching Considered in Washington (Chattanooga Times, 3/21/1906)
Sheriff Shipp Interviewed-- Lays Blame for Lynching on Supreme Court  (Assoc. Press, 5/28/1906)

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