Testimony of Harvey McConnell
February 7, 1906

[McConnell was examined by Defense Attorney Lewis Shepherd:]

SHEPHERD: Do you know or have you met Will Hixson?
McCONNELL: Yes, judge.  I know him.
SHEPHERD: Where do you know him ftom?
McCONNF,LL: Well, judge, the morning before Ed was arrested ...
SHEPHERD: That also would be the day after the St. Elmo crime?
McCONNELL: Yes, sir, judge.  Will Hixson came to my coal yard and inquired of me concerning a man working at the rock" church.  I told him I know the men only by sight and not by name, except one.  That is Ed Johnson.  I know Ed pretty well.  That's when Will Hixson told me that Ed was the man the sheriff wanted for the outrage the night before.
SHEPHERD: And what did you say?
McCONNELL: It Can t be Johnson.  He's like me.  He may have enough sense to do such a thing, but he isn't brave enough.
SHEPHERD: What did Will Hixson say?
McCONNELL: He wanted to know what Ed Johnson looked like and I was describing him when Ed and another
fella walked by the office headed toward town.  I pointed Johnson out to Hixson.
SHEPHERD: And then what?
McCONNELL: Hixson left the office and followed behind Johnson toward the city.

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