The Sam Sheppard Trials: Selected Images

Sheppard answers Coroner Gerber's questions at inquest in school gym

Sam & Marilyn & Family
Sam & Marilyn Waterskiing
Sam & Marilyn on the Tennis Court
Sheppard Family Photo (Marilyn, Chip, and Sam)
The Sheppard Doctors (Richard A., Steve, Richard N., and Sam)

Crime Scene Photos

Body of Marilyn in Bed
Body of Marilyn in Bed (second angle)
Bloody Pillow with Mysterious Imprint
Daybed Used by Sam on Night of Murder
Desk as Found by Police after Murder
Coroner Gerber by Sam's Desk
Sam Sheppard's Overturned Doctor's Bag
The Sheppard Home (front)
Stairs Leading from Home to Lake Erie
Boys Search for Weapon in Lake Erie

Trial Photos and Sketches
Sheppard Answering Gerber's Questions at Inquest
Sheppard Being Escorted by Deputies
Autopsy Sketches of Marilyn's Skull
Judge Edward Blythin (CORBIS)
Susan Hayes Leaves Grand Jury Room
Spencer and Esther Houk at Grand Jury Hearing (CLEVELAND NEWS)
Jury Visting Sheppard Home (PLAIN DEALER)
Sheppard with his Father During Trial
Sam Sheppard's Bloodied Watch
Defense Attorney Will Corrigan and Photographers
F. Lee Bailey and Sheppard Leaving Courthouse in '66 Trial (PLAIN DEALER)
Set of Four Sketches from the 1966 Trial (SANFORD KOSSIN)

Photos Concerning 1999 Exhumation and Civil Suit
Marilyn's Skull
Sam Sheppard's "Yes" on Endure and Conquer

Other Key Players
Richard Eberling (suspect)
Police Sketch of Suspect
Sam Reese Sheppard (Sam's son)

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