Direct examination by Hon. Samuel S. Leibowitz

Q      What is your full name please?

A      George W. Chamlee

Q      You are a resident of Chattanooga?

A      Yes sir.

Q      An Attorney duly licensed to practice law in the state of Tennessee?

A      Yes sir.

Q      You have been an attorney for how many years?

A      About forty.

Q      Forty years at the bar of Chattanooga?

A      The State of Tennessee.

Q      You live in Chattanooga?

A      Yes sir.

Q      And work in Chattanooga?

A      Yes sir.

Q      And your office in Chattanooga?

A      Yes sir

Q      General Chamlee you were formerly the Attorney General of your county?

A      District Attorney

Q      You have lived in the south all your life?

A      Born in Georgia and have lived in Georgia and Tennessee.

Q      Your father lived in the South?

A      Yes sir.

Q      Fought in the war of the Confederacy

A      He helped entertain General Sherman and detained him there three days he said.

Q     Your office is located on Seventh Street is it not?

Q      Having either lived on Seventh Street or had your office on Seventh Street for twenty five years, will you tell the gentlemen of the jury how many blocks Seventh Street consists of?

A      About eight blocks

Q     You are acquainted with all the folks on that street where you have lived for twenty five years?

A      I wouldn't say all of them, because in this depression there is more or less moving, but I know most everybody there.

Q      In all the time you have lived in the City of Chattanooga, the twenty five years you have lived on Seventh Street and had your office on Seventh Street have you ever known any person by the name of Calie Brochie living or having a boarding house there?

A      No sir, I have examined the city directories for the years 1930, 1931 and 1932 to see if I could find any such name as Callie Brochie in Chattanooga, and I went from one end of Seventh Street to the other, and I have been over Seventh Street on an average of once or twice and sometimes ten times a day for forty years, and I don't believe there ever was a boarding house in Chattanooga owned by a woman named Callie Brochie, or such a woman has been in Chattanooga within the last three years.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Q    You have made a search of Seventh Street have you not?

A    Yes sir.

Q    The result of your search was no such human being ever lived on Seventh Street?

A     I don't believe such a person has lived in Chattanooga in forty years.

Q    How far is Seventh Street from--how many miles would you say Seventh Street is from the Hobo Jungle?

A    On a straight line it would be about a mile and a half to the edge of the jungles.

Q    On an air line?

A    Yes sir.

Q    Going by the way of streets and blocks how far is it?

A    Approximately two miles to the center of the jungles from Seventh and Market Streets.

Q    Anybody getting off at the water tank of the Southern Railroad to go to Seventh Street would have to cover about two miles?

A    Yes sir, approximately.

Q    It is not any four blocks or any such thing as that?

A    No sir.