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The trial of the century
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What makes a courtroom proceeding the "trial of the century"? Is it the gravity of the crime, its impact on society or merely the amount of publicity? 
      NBC's "Today" show is beginning a year-long series on the 10 biggest questions of the past 100 years. We'd like to get your vote on what you consider to be the "trial of the century." 
      Cast your vote, and be sure to watch "Today" on Tuesday, Feb. 2, when we'll talk about the 20th century's most famous trials.
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* Percentages may not total to 100% for each question due to non-responses
1. What do you think is the "trial of the century?"
0% 1906: The trial of Harry Thaw
0% 1907: The trial of “Big Bill” Haywood
1% 1921: The Sacco and Vanzetti trial
0% 1921: The trial of "Fatty" Arbuckle
1% 1924: The trial of Nathan Leopold & Richard Loeb
14% 1925: The Scopes “Monkey” Trial
1% 1931-37: The Scottsboro trials
7% 1935: The Lindbergh baby kidnapping trial
21% 1946: Nazi War Crimes Trial
3% 1951: The trial of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg
1% 1954/1966: The trials of Sam Sheppard
1% 1969: The "Chicago Seven" Trial
4% 1970: The trial of Charles Manson
2% 1992/1993: The Los Angeles Police Officers' “Rodney King beating” Trial
24% 1995: The trial of O.J. Simpson
20% 1999: The Clinton impeachment trial

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