Tituba the Ind'n Woem'ns Examn March. 1. 1691/2 [March 1,1692]

Why doe you hurt these poor Children? whatt harme have thay done ont you?

Tituba: thay doe noe harme to me I noe hurt them att all.

Why have you done itt?

T:I have done nothing; I Can‘t tell when the Devill works

what doe the Devill tell you that he hurts them?

T:noe he tells me nothing

doe you never see Something appeare in Some shape?

T:noe never See any thing

what familiarity have you w'th the devill, or w't is itt if you Converse q'th all? Tell the truth whoe itt is that hurts them

T: the Devill for ought I know

w't appearanc or how dothe he appeare when the hurts them, w'th w't shape or what is he like that hurts them

T: like a man I think yesterday I being in the Lentoe Chamber I saw a thing like a man, that tould me Searve him & I tould him noe I would nott doe Such thing. [Recorder's note: she charges Goody Osborne & Sarah Good as those that hurt the Children, and would have had hir done itt, she sayth she Seen foure two of w'ch she knew nott she saw them last night as she was washing the Roome] thay tould me hurt the Children & would have had me if I woud nott goe & hurt them they would doe soe to mee att first I did agree w'th them butt afterward I tould them I doe soe noe more.

would they have had you hurt the Children the Last Night

T: yes, butt I was Sorry & I sayd, I would doe Soe noe more, but tould I would feare God.

butt wy did nott you doe Soe before

T: why they tell mee I had done Soe before & therefore I must goe on, these were the.4.woemen & the man [Recorder's note: but she knew none but Osburne & Good only, the others were of Boston]

att first begining w'th them, w't then appeared to you w't was itt like that ot you to doe itt

T: one like a man Jusat as I was goeing to sleep Came to me this was when the Children was first hurt he sayd he would kill the Children & she would never be well, and he Sayd if I would nott Serve him he would do soe to mee

is that the Same man that appeared before to you that appeared the last night & tould you this?

T: Yes

w't Other likenesses besides a man hath appeared to you?

T: Sometimes like a hogge Sometimes like a great black dogge, foure tymes

but w't did they Say unto you?

T: they tould me Serve him & that was a good way; that was the black dogge I tould him I was afrayd, he tould me he would be worse then to me

w't did you say to him after that?

T: I answered I will Serve you noe Longer he tould me he would doe me hurt then

w't other Creatures have you seene

T: a bird

w't bird?

T: a little yellow bird

where doe itt keep

T: w'th the man whoe hath pretty things there besides

what other pretty things?

T: he hath nott showed them [yet] unto me, butt he s'd he would show them me tomorow, and he tould me if I would Serve him I should have the Bird

w't other Creatures did you see?

T: I saw 2 Catts, one Red, another black as bigge as a little dogge.

w't did these Catts doe?

T: I dont know; I have seen them two tymes

w't did they say

T: thay say serve him

when did you see them?

T: I saw them last night

did they doe any hurt to you or threaten you

T: they did scratch me


T: after prayer; and scratched mee; because I would not serve them and when they went away I could nott see but thay stood before the fire

what Service doe thay Expect fro you?

T: they Say more hurt to the Children.

how did you pinch them when you hurt them?

T: the other pull mee & hall me to the pinch the Childr, & I am very sorry for itt

what made you hould yo'r arme when you were Searched? w't had you there?

T: I had nothing

doe nott those Catts suck you?

T: noe never yett I would nott lett them but they had almost thrust me into the fire

how doe you hurt those that you pinch? doe you gett those Catts? or other things to doe it for your? tell us, how is it done?

T: the man sends the Catts to me & bids me pinch them, & I think I went over to mr Grigg's & have pinched hir this day in the morning. the man brought mr Grigg's mad to me & made me pinch hir

did you ever goe w'th these woemen?

T: they are very strong & pull me & make me goe w'th them

where did you goe?

T: up to mr putnams & make me goe w'th them.

where did you goe?

T: up to mr putmans & make me hurt the Child.

whoe did make you goe?

T: man that is very strong & these two woeman, good & Osborne but I am Sorry.

how did youo goe? What doe you Ride upon?

T: I Rid upon a stick or poale & Good & Osburne behind me we Ride taking hold of one another don't know how we goe for I Saw noe trees nor path, but was presently there. when wee were up

how long Since you began to pinch mr parriss Children?

T: I did nott pinch them att the first, but he make me afterward

have you Seen Good and osborne Ride upon a poule?

T: yes & have held fast by mee: I was nott att mr Grigg's but once, but it may be Send Something like mee, with or would I have gone, butt that they tell me, they will hurt me; last night they Tell me I must kill Some body w'th the knife

who were they that tould you Soe

T: Sarah Good & Osburne & they would have had me killed Thomas putnam's Child last night. the Child alsoe affirmed that att the Same tyme thay would have had hir Cutt of hir own head for if she would nott then tould hir Tittubee would Cutt itt off & then she Complayned att the Same time of a knife Cutting of hir when hir master hath asked hir about these things she sayth thay will nott lett hir tell, butt Tell hir if she Tells hir head shall be Cutt off

whoe Tells you Soe?

T: the man, good & Osburnes Wife. Goody Goody Came to hir last night w'n hir master was att parayer & would not lett hir hear & she Could not hear a good whyle. Good hath one of these birds the yellow bird & would have given mee itt, but I would not have itt & prayer tyme she stoped my eares & would nott lett me hear.

w't should you have done with itt

T: give itt to the Children w'ch yellow bird hath bin severall tymes Seen by the Children I saw Sarah Good have itt on hir hand when she Came to the fore finger & long finger upon the Right hand.

did you nver practise witch-craft in your owne Country

T: Noe Never before now

did you See them doe itt now?

T: yes. to day, butt that was in the morneing

butt did you see them doe itt now while you are Examining

T: noe I did nott See them butt I sw them hurt att other tymes. I saw Good have a Catt beside the yellow bird w'ch was with hir

what hath Osburne gott to goe w'th hir?

T: Some thing I don't know what itt is. I can't name itt, I don't know how itt looks she hath tow of them one of them hath wings & two Leggs & a had like a woeman the Children Saw the Same butt yesterday w'ch afterward turned into a woeman.

What is the other thing that Good Osburne hath?

T: athing all over hairy, all the face hayry & a long nose & I dont know what itt is. I can't name itt, I don't know how itt looks she hath two of them one of them hat wings & two Leggs, itt goeth upright & is about two or three foot high & goeth upright like a man & last night itt stood before the fire In mr parris's hall

Whoe was that appeared like a Wolfe to Hubberd as she was goeing from proctures?

T: what Cloathes doth the man appeare unto you in?

T: black Cloaths Some times, Some times Searge Coat of other Couler, a Tall man w'th white hayr, I think.

What apparrel doe the woeman ware?

T: I don't know w't couller

What kind of Cloathes hath she?

T: I don't know w't couller

What kind of Cloathes hath she?

T: A black Silk hood w'th a White Silk hood under itt, w'th top knotts, w'ch woeman I know not but have Seen hir in boston when I lived there.

what Cloathes the little woeman?

T: A searge Coat w'th a White Cap as I think. the Children having fits att this Very time she was asked whoe hurt them, she ans'r Good Good & the Children the same butt Hubbard being taken in an extreame fit after she was asked whoe hurt hir & she Sayd she Could nott tell, but sayd they blinded hir, & would nott lett hir see and after that was once or twice taken dumb hirself.