(Summary of Evidence v. Sarah Good)

Titabes Confession & Examinacon ag't. her selfe & Sarah good abstracted

Charges Sarah Good to hurt the Children & would have had her done it 5. were with her last night & would have. had her hurt the Children w'ch she refused & that Good was one of them

Good with others are very strong & pull her with them to Mr. putnams & make her hurt the Child. Good rode with her upon Apoole behind her, takeing hold of one another doth not know how they goe for she never sees trees nor path but are presently th -

good [ther] tell her she must kill some body with a knife & would have had her killed Tho: putnams Child last night the Child at the same time afirmed she would have had her cutt of her own head if not Titabe would doe it & complained of a knife cutting her

Good came to her last night when her Mr. was at prayer & would not let her hear hath one yellow bird & stopped her Eares in prayer time, the yellow bird hath been seen by the Children & Titubee saw it suck Good between the forefinger & long finger upon the right hand

Saw Good [ther] practice witchcraft.

Saw Good have a Catt besides the bird & a thing all over hair [ther]

Sarah Good appeared like a wolfe to Hubbard going to proctors & saw it sent by Good to Hubbard

good [ther] hurt the Children again & the Children affirme the same Hubbard knew th[em] not being blinded by them & was once or twice taken dumb herslefe i:e: Titube

Good cause her to pinch the Children in their own persons

Saw Goods name in the booke, & the devell told her they made these marks & said to her she made ther marke & it was the same day she went to prison

Good [ther] came to ride abroad with her & the man shewed her Goods mark in the book

Good [ther] pinched her on the leggs & being searched found it soe after confession

Nota S. G. mumbled when she went away from Mr Parrass & the children after hurt

Dorothy Goods Charge ag't. her mother Sarah Good. That she had three birds one black, one yellow & that these birds hurt the Children & afflicted persons.

her own Confession

Nota None here sees the witches but the afflicted & themsleves Charges Sarah Osburne with hurting the Children -- looking upon them at the same time & not being afflicted must consequently be a Witch

Deliverance Hobs Confession

being at a meeting of the witches in Mr: parisses feild when Mr. Burroughs preached & administred the sacram't to them saw Good amongst the rest & this fully agrees with what the afflicted persons relate. 22th. Apr(92)

Abigaile Hobbs' Confession

was in Company with Sarah Good & knowes her to be a witch & afterwards was taken deafe & Mary walcott [ther] saw Good & osburn run their fingers into this d_poits ears a little after she spoke & s'd Good told her she sh'd not speake

Mary Warren's Confession

That Sarah Good is a Witch & brought her the booke to sighe to.

Elizabeth Hubard

mary Walcott

Ann puttnam

Mercy Lewis

Sarah Vibber

Abigail Williams afflicted by S. Good & saw her shape.

Richard Patch

W'm Allen that she app'rd to him when abed

W'm Good. that she hat a strange Tett or wort

John Huges that he saw strange sights.

Sam; Braybrooke that she siad she would not confess unless proved ag't her & that ther was but One Evidence & that an Indian & ther for did not fear

(Reverse) Evidences ag't. Sarah Good (Reverse) V. Sarah Good Extract of them Witness to the No. 1 Ind't. Indictm'ts No. 1

Witnesses v. Sarah Good

against Sarah Wilds John Andrews William Perkins Joseph Andrews

& also for Sundry other Acts of Witchcraft by S'd good Comitted & done before & Since that time

(Reverse) Compaints Warrants &c

(Indictment v. Sarah good, No. 1)

Anno: Regis et Reganae Willm. et Mariae nunc Angliac &c: Quarto

Essex ss.

     the Jurors for our Sovereigne Lord and Lady the King and Queen: presents That Sarah Good wife of William Good of Salem Villiage in the County of Essex Husbandman the Second Day of May in the forth year of the Reigne of our Soveriegne Lord and Lady william and Mary by the Grace of Godd of England Scottland France & Ireland King and Queen Defenders of the faith &c: and Divers other Dayes and times as well before as after, certaine Detestable arts called Witchcrafts and Sorceries, Wickedly & felloniously, hath used Practised, & Exersised at and within the Township of Salem in the County of Essex aforesaid in upon and against one Sarah Vibber wife of John Vibber of Salem aforesaid Husband man, by which said wicked Arts: she the said Sarah Vibber, the said Second Day of May in the fourth year abovsaid and divers other Dayes and times as well before as after was and is Tortured Afflicted Pined Consumed wasted and Tormented, -- and also for Sundry other Acts of witchcraft by said Sarah Good committed and done before and since that time ag't: the Peace of our Sovereigne Lord & Lady the King & Queen, their Crowne and dignity and ag't the forme of the Statute in that case made and Provided:


Sarah VibberJurat                            Elizabeth Hubbard Jurat

Abigall Williams Jurat                      Ann Putman Jurat

                               Jno. Vibber -- Sowrne

(O.R.) bill a vera No. 1. Ind't. of sarah Good

(Indictment v. Sarah Good, No. 2)

                               Anno Regis et Reginae Willm et Mariae : nunc:

                               Anglie &:Quarto

Essex ss

      The Jurors for our Sovereigne Lord and Lady the King and Queen: p_'esents That Sarah Good Wife of William Good: of Salem Villiage in the County of Essex husbandman the first Day of March in the forth year of the Reigne of our Soveriegne Lord and Lady William & Mary by the Grace of God of Engalnd Scottland France and Ireland Defenders of the faith &c and divers other Days, and times, as well before as after certaine Detestable artes called witchcrafts & Sorceries: wickedly and fellionously hath used Practised & Exercised: at and within the Towne Ship of Salem in the County of Essex aforesaid. in upon and ag't: one Elizabeth Hubbard: of Salem aforesaid Single woman: by w'ch: siad wicked arts the said Elizabeth Hubbart, the said first Day of March in the fourth year aforesaid: and at Divers other Days and times as well before as after, was and is Tortured Afflicted : Pined, wasted and Tormented as also for Sundry other acts of witchcraft by s'd: Sarah Good committed and done before and since that time ag't the Peace of our Sovereigne Lord and Lady King & Queen of England, and ag't the forme of the Statute in that case made & Provided

     Witnessed Elizabeth Hubbard Anne Puttman Jurat Mary Wallcott Jurat In Curia June 28th 1692. Abigaill Williams Jurat (O.R.) No. 2: Ag't Sarah Good bil a vera Sarah Good

(Samuel Abbey and Mary Abbey v. Sarah Good)

     Samuel Abbey of Salem Villiage Aged 45. Years or thereabouts and mary Abbey his wife aged 38 years or thereabouts, Deposeth and Saith:

     That about this Time three Years past W'm: Good and his wife Sarah Good being destitute of an house to well in these Deponents out of Charity, they being Poor. lett them live in theirs some time, untill that said Sarah Good was #[of] so Turbuland a Spirritt, [Spirritt,] Spitefull and so Mallitiously bent, that these Deponents could not suffer her to Live in their howse any Longer; and was forced for Quitteness sake to turne she the said Sarah, with her husband, out of their howse ever since, which is about two years ½ agone; the siad Sarah Good, hath carriedit very Spitefully & Mallitiously, towards them, the winter following after the said Sarah was gone from our hose, we began to Loose Cattel, and Lost severall after an unusuall Manner, in drupeing Condition and yett they dould Eate: and your Deponents have Lost after that manner 17 head of Cattle within two years, besides Sheep, and Hoggs; and both doe believe they Dyed by witchcraft, the said William good on the last of may, was twelve months, went home to his wife the s'd Sarah Good, and told her, what a sad-Accident had fallen out, she asked what, he answered that his neighbour Abbey had lost two Cowes, both dying within halfe an hour of one another; the s'd Sarah good said she did not care if he the said Abbey had Lost all the Cattle he had, as the said Jno. Good told us. Just that very Day, that said Sarah good was taken up, we yor Depoonents had a Cow that could not rise alone, but since presently after she was taken up, the said Cow was well and could rise so well, as if she had ailed nothing: she the said Sarah Good: ever since these Deponants turned her out of their howse she hath behaved her selfe very crossely & Mallitiously, to them & their Children calling their Children vile Names and hath-threetened them often

                                                                                               Jurat in Curia.

(Reverse) Sam. Abbey & wife


Sarah Good

(Sarah Gadge v. Sarah Good)

     The deposition of Sarah Gadge the wife of Thomas Gadge aged about 40 years this deponent testifeith and saith that about two years & an halfe agone; Sarah Good Came to her house & would have come into the house, but s'd. Sarah Gadge told her she should not come in for she was afraid she had been with them and that had the Smallpox: & with that she fell to mutring & scolding extreamly & soe: told s'd Gadge if she would not let her in she should give her something; & she answered she would not have any thing to doe with one of s'd Gadges Cowes Died in A Sudden, terible & Strange unusuall maner so that some of the neighbors & said Deponent did think it to be done by witchcraft farther saith not

(Thomas Gadge v. Sarah Good)

     And Thomas Gadge husband of s'd Sarah: testifeith that he had a Cow soe Died about the time abovementioned & though he & some neighbors opened the Cow yet they Could find no naturall Cause of s'd Cowes Death & farther saith not.

     Thomas gadge and sarah gadge owned this to be the truth on theire oath. before us; the Juriars for Inquest this 28. of June 92.

(Reverse) Thomas Gage & his wife

ver. Good

(Joseph Herrick, Sr., and Mary Herrick v. Sarah Good)

     The Deposistion of Joseph Herrick senr. who testifieth and saith that on the first day of March 1691/2: I being then Constable for Salem: there was delivered to me by warrant from the worshipfull Jno. Hathorne and Jonathan Corwin Esqrs. Sarah good for me to cary to their majesties Gaol at Ipswich and that night I sett a gard to watch her at my own house namely Samu'l: Braybrook mischaell dunnell Jonathan Baker. . and the affore named parsons Informed me in the morning that that night Sarah good was gon for some time from them both bare foot and bare ledge: and I was also Informed that: that night Elizabeth Hubbard one of the Afflected parsons Complaned that Sarah Good came and afflected hir;being bare foot and bare ledged and Samuell Sibley that was one that was attending of Eliza Hubbard strock good on the Arme as Elizabeth Hubbard said and mary Herrick and wife of the abovesaid Joseph Herick testifieth that on: the 2th: March 1691/2 in the morning I took notis of Sarah Good in the morning and one of hir Armes was Blooddy from a little below the Elbow to the wrist: and I also took notis of her armes on the night before and then there was no signe of blood on them

     Joseph herrick senr and mary herrik appearid before us th Jury for Inquest: and did on the oath which the had taken owne this their evidense to be the truth; the 28: of June 1692

                                                       Sworne in Court

(Reverse) Memento. Sam. Sibley to be Served Mich'll. Dunwill Jona. Bacar ver Sa. Good

(William Batten and William Shaw v. Sarah Good and Lydia Dustin)

      The testimony of Willam Batten aged 76 years or their abouts and william shaw aged about 50 years and Deborah his wife aged about 40 years, these all testifie and say that this day was a weeke agoe. Susannah shelding being at the house of william shaw shee was tied her hands a cross in such a manner we were forced to cut the string before we could git her hand loose and when shee was out of her fit she told us it [was] Goode dastin that did tye her hands after that manner, and 4 times she hat been tyed in this manner in towe weeks time the 2 first times shee sayth it was good dastin and the 2 last times it was Good that did tye her, we furder testifie that wen ever shee doeth but touch this string shee is presently bit.

      We furder testifie that in this time there was a broome carried a way out of the house in visibble to us and put in a apple tree two times and a shirt once and a milke tube once was carried out of the house three poles from the house into the woods and she sayeth that it

     thes parsons a bove named upon their oath ownid this their tistimony to be the trugh before us the Juriars for Inqwest this. 28. of June: 1692

                                                            Jurat in Curia

(Reverse) W'm Battern Con. Good

(William Allen, John Hughes, William Good, ans Samuel Braybrook v. Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne, and Tituba)

March 5'th 1691/2

     Wm Allin saith that on the 1'st of march att night he heard a strange noyse not usually heard, and so continued for many times so that hee was afrighted and coming nearer to it he there saw a strange and unuseall beast lying on the Grownd so that goeing up to it the s'd Beast vanished away and in the s'd place starte up 2 or 3 weemen and flew from mee not after the manner of other weemen but swiftly vanished away out of our sight which weemen wee took to bee Sarah Good Sarah Osburne and Tittabe the time was a bout an hour within night and I John Hughes saith the same beeing in Company then w'th s'd allin. as wittness our hands

                                                          * william Allen

                                                          * john hughes

     William Allen further saith tha on the 2'd day of march the s'd Sarah Good vissabley appeared to him in his chamber s'd allen beecame and sate upon his foot the s'd allen went to kick att her upon which shee vanished and the light with her

     william Good saith that the night before his s'd wife was Examined he saw a wart or tett a little belowe her Right shoulder which he never saw before and asked Goodwife Engersol whether she did nhot see it when shee searched her

     John Hughes. further saith that on the 2'd day of march that comeing from Goodman Sibleys a boute Eight of the clock in the night hee saw a Great white dogg whome he came up to but he would not stire but when He was past hee the s'd dogg followed him about 4 or 5 pole and so disappeared the same night the s'd John Huges beeing in Bed in a clossd Roome and the dore being fast so that no catt nor dogg could come in the said John saw a Great light appeare in the s'd Chamber and Risseing up in his bed he saw a large Grey Catt att his beds foot

     March the 2'd Sam'l Brabrook saith that Carrieng Sarah Good to ippswich the said Sarah leapt of her horse 3 times which was Between 12 and 3 of the clock of the same day w'ch the daughter of Thomas Puttman declared the same att her fathers house the s'd Brabrook further saith that s'd Sarah Good tould him that shee would not owne her selfe to bee a wicth unless she is provd one shee saith that there is but one Evidence and thats and Indian and therefore she fears not and so Continued Rayling against the Majestrates and she Endevered to kill herselfe

(Elizabeth Hubbard v. Sarah Good)

     The Deposistion of Elizabeth Hubbard agged about 17 years who testifieth and saith that on the 28 February 1691/92 I saw the Apperishtion of Sarah good who did most greviously afflect me by pinching and pricking me and so she continewed hurting of me tell the first day of March being the day of her examination then she did also most greviously afflect and tortor me also dureing the time of her examination and also severall times sence she hath afflected me and urged me to writ in her book: also on the day of hir examination I saw the Apperishtion of Sarah good goe and hurt and afflect the bodyes of Elizabeth parish Abigail williams and Ann putnam jun'g and also I have seen the Apperishtion of Sarah Good afflecting: the body of Sarah vibber


                                                   Eliz: ß Hubbard

also in the Night after Sarah goods Examination: Sarah Good came to me barefoot and bareledged and did most greviously torment me by pricking and pinching me and I veryly beleve that Sarah good hath bewicked me also that night Samuell Sibley that was then attending me strok Sarah good on hirArme


               Elizabeth Hubbard

               ag't Sarah Good.

(Ann Putnam, Jr. v. Sarah Good)

     The Deposition of Ann putnam Ju'r who testifieth and saith, that on the 25th of February 1691/92 I saw the apperishtion of Sarah good which did tortor me most greviously but I did not know hir name tell the 27th of February and then she tould me hir name was Sarah good and then she did prick me and pinch me most greviously: and also sense severall times urging me vehemently to writ in hir book and also on the first day of march being the day of hir Examination Sarah good did most grevioulsy tortor me and also severall times sence: and also on the first day of march 1692 I saw the Apperishtion of sarah good goe and afflect and tortor the bodys of Elizabeth parish Abigail williams and Elisabeth Hubburd also I have seen the Appershtion of Sarah good afflecting the body: of Sarah vibber


                                                     Ann ß putnam

     ann putnam owned this har testimony to be the trugh one har oath, before the Juriars of Inqwest this 28: of June 1692

     And further says that shee verily beleives that Sarah Good doth betwitch & afflicte her

                                                                                                     Sworn before the Court


               Ann puttnam ag't. Sarah Good

(Susannah Sheldon v. Sarah Good)

     The Deposistion of Susannah Shelden agged about 18 years who testifieth and saith that sense I have ben afflected I have very often ben most greviously tortured by Apperistion of Sarah Good who has most dredfully afflected me by bitting pricking and pinching me and almost choaking me to death but on the 26. June 1692 Sarah good most violently pulled down my head behind a Cheast and tyed my hands together with a whele band & allmost Choaked me to death and also severall times sence the Apperistion of Sarah good has most greviously tortored me by biting pinching and almost Chaoking me to death: also william Battin and Thomas Buffincgont Juner ware forced to cutt the whele band from afe my hands for they could not unty it.

    And farther s'd Sheldon upon giving in this testimony to the grand jury was sezxed with sundry fits w'ch. when she came to her self she told the s'd jury being aske that it was s'd. Good that afflicted her & a little after Mary Warren falling into a fit s'd. Sheldon affirmed to the Grand jury that she saw s'd Good upon her, & also a sauser being by invisible hands taken of from a Talbe & carried our of doors s'd. Sheldon affirmed she saw said Sarah Good carry it away & put it where it was found abroad.

     Susanah Shelden: oned this har testimony to be the trugh efore the juriars of Inquest on the oath which she had daken this. 28. of June 1692.

(Reverse) Susannah Sheldon Ag't Sarah Good

(Johanna Childin v. Sarah Good)

    the deposition of Johanna Chilun testifieth and saieth that upon 2d: of June: 1692: that the aparition of Sarah good and her least Child did appear to her : and the Child did tell its mother that she did murrder it : to which Sarah good replyed that she did it because that she Could not atend it and the Child tould its mother that she was A witch: and then Sarah good said she did give it to the divell

(Henry Herrick and Jonathan Batchelor v. Sarah Good)

     The deposition of Henery Herrick aged About 21 years, this deponent testifieth & saith that in Last march was two yeare; Sarah Good came to his fathers house & desired to lodge there; & his father forbid it; & she went away Grumbling & my father bid us follow her & see that shee went away clear, lest she should lie in the barn: & by smoking of her pipe should fire the barn; & s'd deponent with Jonathan Batchelor seing her make a stop near the barne, bid her be gone; or he would set her father of; to which she replied that then it should cost his father Zachariah Herick one; or tow of the best Cowes which he had; --

     And Johathan Batchelor aged 14 year testifieth the same above-written; and doth farther testifie that about a weeke after two of his grandfathers: Master Catle were removed from their places: & other younger Catle put in their rooms & since that several of their Catle have bene set Loose in a strange maner --

                                                                                  Jurat in Curia

(Reverse) H. Herick Sarah Good

(Sarah Bibberr v. Sarah Good)

     The Deposistion of Sarah viber aged about 36 years who testifieth and saith that sence I have been afflected I have often seen the Apperistion of Sarah Good but she did not hurt me tell the 2 day of May 1692 tho I saw hir Apperishtion most greviously tortor mercy lewes & Jno. Indian att Salem. on the 11th April 1692: but on the 2: may 1692 the Apperistion of Sarah good did most greviously torment me by presing my breath almost out of my body and also she did immediatly afflect my child by pinceing of it that I could hardly hold it and my husband seing of it took hold of the Child but it cried out and twisted so dreadfully by reson of the torture that the Apperishtion of Sarah good did afflect it with all tha it gott out of its fathers armes to: also seval[ly] times sence the Apperishtion of Sarah Good has most grevioulsy tormented me by beating and pinching me and almost Choaking me to death and pricking me with pinnes after a most dreadfull maner

     Sarah viber ownid this har tistimony to be the truth one the oath she had taken: be fore us the Juriars for Inquest: this: 28dy of June 1692

                                                                                 Sworne. in Court Juen 29th 1692.

     And further Adds. that shee very beleives uppon her Oath that Sarah Good had bewitched her --

(Reverse Sarah viber against Sarah good June 29, 1692

(Sarah Bibber v. Sarah Good)

     The deposition of Sarah Biber aged 36 years testifieth and sayeth that the saterday bight before goode Dustin of Reding was examined I saw the apparition of Sarah goode standing by my bedside, and shee pulled aside the curtian and turned down the sheet and Looked upon my child 4 years old and presently upon it the child was stracke into a great fit that my hausband and I could hardly hold it

    Sara biber one of her oath did owe this har testimony before the Juriars for Inqwest: this. 28: of June 1692

                                                                                 Jurat Sarah Viber

(Mary Walcott v. Sarah Good)

      The Deposistion of Mary wolcott aged about 17 years who testifieth and saith that sence I have been afflected I have often seen the Aperishtion of sarah good amongst the wicthes hwo has also afflected me and urged me writ in hir bood

                                                                                 The Mark of Mary Walcot

     mary welcott ownid this har testimony to be the truth one har oath: before the Jurrars for Inqwest this 28. of June 1692

     also mary walcott testifieth that I have seen sarah good afflicting mercy lewes and Elizabeth Hubberd and Abigail williams and I verily beleve she bewichted me

(Reverse) Mary Walcott ag't Sarah Good

(Samuel Sibley v. Sarah Good)

     Samuell Sibley aged about :34: years Testefieth and saith that I being at the house of doctter grides that night after: that Sary good was examened and Elizabeth Hubbard Said that ther sands Sary good #[stands] apon the tabel by you with all hear naked brast and bar footed bar lagded and said o nast Slout if .I. had sum thing.I. would kill hear the.I.Struck with my Staf where She Said Sary good Study and Elizabath hubard cried out you have heet har right acors the back you have a most killd hear if any body was there they may see it

                                                                                 Jurat in Curia

(Death Warrant for Sarah Good, Rebecca Nurse, Susannah Martin, Elizabeth Howe, and Sarah Wilds)

To Goerge: Corwine Gent'n High Sheriff of the county of Essex Greeting Whereas Sarah Good Wife of William Good of Salem Village Rebecka Nurse wife of Francis Nurse of Salem Villiage Susanna Martin of Amesbury Widow Elizabeth How wife of James How of Ipswich Sarah Wild wife of John Wild of Topsfield all of the County of Essex in thier Maj'ts Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England Att A Court of Oyer & Terminer held by Adjournment for Our Severaign Lord & Lady Kind Wiliam & Queen Mary for the said County of Essex at salem in the s'd County onf the 29th day of June [torn] were Severaly arrigned on Several Indictments for the horrible Crime of Witchcraft by them practised & Committed On Severall persons and pleading not guilty did for thier Tryall put themselves on God & Thier Countrey whereupon they were Each of them found & brought in Guilty by the Jury that passed On them according to their respective Indictments and Sentence of death did then pass upon them as the Law directs Execution whereof yet remains to be done:

     Those are Therefore in thier Maj'ties name William & Mary now King & Queen over England &ca: to will & Command you that upon Tuesday next being the 19th day for [torn] Instant July between the houres of Eight & [torn] in [torn] forenoon the same day you Safely conduct the s'd Sarah Good Rebecka Nurse Susann Martin Elizabeth Howe & Sarah Wild From thier Maj'ties goal in Salem afores'd to the place of Execution & there Cause them & Every of them to be hanged by the Neck untill they be dead and of the doings herein make return to the Clerke of the said Court & this precept and hereof you are not to fail at your perill and this Shall be your sufficient Warrant given under my hand & seale at Boston th 12't day of July in the fourth year of Reign of our Soveraigne Lord & Layd Wm & Mary King and Queen &ca:

                                                                                  *Wm Stoughton

Annoq Dom. 1692 --


                                                                                  Salem July 19th 1692

     I caused the within mentioned persons to be Executed according to the Tenour of the with[in] warrant

                                                                                  *George Corwin Sherif