The examination of Mary Eastie.

At a Court held at Salem village 22.Apr. 1692

By the Hon. John Hathorne & Jonathan Corwin.

At the bringing in of the the accused severall fell into fits.

Doth this woman hurt you? [EXAMINERS' NOTE: Many mouths were stopt, & several other fits seized them Abig: Williams said it was Goody Eastie, & she had hurt her, the like said Mary Walcot, & Ann Putman, John indian said her saw her with Goody Hobbs.] What do you say, are you guilty?

EASTY: I can say before Christ Jesus, I am free.

You see these accuse you. There is a God-- Hath she brought the book to you? Their mouths were stopt. What have you done to these children?

E: I know nothing.

How can you say you know nothing, when you see these tormented, & accuse you that you know nothing? Would you have me accuse my self?

E: Yes if you be guilty.

How far have you complyed w'th Satan whereby he takes this advantage ag't you?

E: Sir, I never complyed but prayed against him all my dayes, I have no complyance with Satan in this. What would you have me do?

Confess if you be guilty.

E: I will say it, if it was my last time, I am clear of this sin.

Of what sin?

E: Of witchcraft.

Are you certain this is the woman?

[EXAMINERS' NOTE: Never a one could speak for fits.By and by Ann Putman said that was the woman, it was like her, & she told me her name; It is marvailous to me that you should sometimes think they are bewitcht, & sometimes not, when severall confess that I never knew? Her hands were clincht together, & then the hands of Mercy Lewis was clincht Look now you hands are open, her hands are open. Is this the woman? They made signes but could not speak, but Ann Putman afterwards Betty Hubbard cryed out Oh, Goody Easty, Goody Easty you are the woman, you are the woman Put up her head, for while her head is bowed the necks of these are broken.]

What do you say to this?

E: Why God will know.

Nay God knows now.

E: I know he dos.

What did you think of the actions of others before your sisters came out, did you think it was Witchcraft?

E: I cannot tell.

Why do you not think it is Witchcraft?

E: It is an evil spirit, but wither it be witchcraft I do not know,

[EXAMINERS' NOTE:Sevrall said she brought them the Book and then they fell into fits.]

Salem Village March 24'th. 1691/2.

Mr Sam'l parris being disired to take in wrighting the Examination of Mary Eastie hath delivered itt as aforesaid

Upon heareing the aforesaid, and seeing what wee then did see, togeather with the Charge: of the persons then present Wee Committed s'd. Mary Easte to theire Majest's Goale