[Guidobone was one of several witnesses called to support Vanzetti's alibi.]

Angelo Guidobone, Sworn.
[Testimony of the witness given through an interpreter.]
Q.  [By Mr. Callahan.] What is your name?
A.  Angelo Guidobone.
Q.  Where do you live?
A. Suosso's Lane, Plymouth, No. 10.
Q.  What is your occupation?
A.  I work in the rug factory.
Q.  In Plymouth?
A.  Yes.
Q.  Where were you living April 15th last year?
A.  In Suosso's Lane.
Q.  What was your occupation April 15th last year?
A.  The same kind of work.
Q.  Do you know Mr. Vanzetti?
A.  Yes, I know him.
Q.  How long?
A.  About six years and a half or more.
Q.  Do you recall seeing him on the day of April 15th last year?
A.  Yes, I remember.
Q.  Where was he when you saw him?
A.  I saw him in the Court, about quarter past twelve, while I was coming home from my work.
THE INTERPRETER.  In this Lane.  He calls it the Court.
Q.  In what Lane?
A.  Suosso's Lane.  That is where I live.  I saw him on the corner of that lane.
Q.  What was he doing?
A.  He was selling fish, and he give me some fish in my hand.
THE INTERPRETER.  I told him that time, the witness; he put some fish in my hand.
Q.  Did you pay him for it?
A.  No, sir, I haven't.  I still owe for it.
Q.  Do you recall what kind of fish it was?
A.  Yes, me know how it looked, yes.
Q.  What is it?
A.  Codfish.
Q.  Could you tell me the time of day you saw him there that you got the fish?
A. Yes, sir.
Q.  What time was it?
A.  I saw him on the 15th day of April, about thirteen minutes past twelve or quarter past twelve; well, I was going to my dinner.
Q.  Do you know where Castle Street is?
A.  Yes.
Q.  What is the distance from Castle Street to Suosso's Lane?
A.  Well, a person, one that walks, should take two or three minutes.
Q.  How do you fix the date as being April 15th that you saw him there?
A.  Well, I have a mark here [pointing on his right side].  I had appendicitis.  I had an operation.
Q.  When did you have the operation?
A.  I had it on the 19th day of April.
Q.  Where?
A.  In Plymouth.
Q. Where in Plymouth?
A.  At the hospital.
Q. What hospital?
A.  At the hospital.  The Plymouth hospital.  Is there any other one?
Q. What was the name of the surgeon that performed the operation
A.  I do not know the professor.  The professor performed the operation.  I do not know.  I know the name of the doctor.
Q.  What was the name of the doctor?
A.  Dr. Cotton.
Q. Dr. Curtin?
A.  Dr. Curtin.
Q. Plymouth?
A.  Yes, Plymouth.  He was my doctor.
Q.  What day did you go to the hospital, the same day you were operated on?
MR. KATZMANN.  One moment.
THE COUIZT.  Leading.
M P. CALLAHAN.  Strike that out.
Q.  What day did you go to the hospital?
A.  I went on the 19th day of April, quarter past one.
Q.  Had you been ill previous to your going to the hospital?
A.  Well, I felt kind of somewhat pain, and that was Saturday, and I went to be examined, and they told me that I had to go and have an operation right away.
MR. CALLAHAN.  Your witness.


Q.  [By Mr. Katzniann.] I take it, Mr. Guidobone, that the fact you were operated on April 19th makes you remember you bought some fish on the 15th.  Is that it?
A.  Yes.
Q.  And that is the only thing that makes you remember it?
A.  Well, the operation and that, because I was very careful what I was eating.
Q.  Do you think the codfish caused the appendicitis?
A.  No, no, no.
Q.  What is the connection between the operation on the 19th and your buying codfish on the 15th?
A.  It had nothing to do with it with me.
Q.  The codfish had?
A.  Because I remember.  The fish has nothing to do with the operation.
Q.  How long were you troubled with the pain that resulted in the operation?
A.  Oh, over a year before.  I did not have the courage to operation?
Q.  Then you had the pain for, quite some time, didn't you?
A.  Yes, I had it over one year and I was afraid to go and have the operation.
Q.  Did you have a pain on the 15tli?
A.  No, sir.  I did not.  On the 17th, I did.
Q.  Did you have any,---what was the last date before the 17th you had a pain?
A.  Well, there were other days, different days, that I had pains, but I do not remember now what days.
Q.  But you remember codfish on the 15th day, is that right?
A.  Yes.
Q.  Now, being operated on the 19th for appendicitis, you could have bought codfish just as well on the 14th, couldn't you?
A.  I bought it on the 14th and on the 15th I got the fish in my hand, and I had it.
Q.  Could you have bought the fish on the 13th and been operated on  the 19th?
A.  Well, you want me to buy fish months before and then eat it months afterwards?
Q.  Would the 13tb be months before the 19th?
A.  Why, no, but do you think I keep a fish in the house for a week?
Q.  Well, how do you know but what you ordered on the 12th and got it in your hand on the 13th just as you are telling us about two other days?
A.  That is not so.
Q.  How do you know it isn't so?
A.  Well, of course, I remember I had the pain here and on the 19th I went and had the operation, and of course I got the cut here, and then I know.
Q.  Well, I will take your word for the cut, but I am asking you how do you know you did not order the fish on the 12th and get it in your hand on the 13th?  How do 3-ou know it?  That is the question.
A.  Well, how could I say today is Thursday and could I say it is Wednesday?
Q.  Well, how can you say it was on the 15th and not on the 13th the fish was put right in your hand and you had it?
A.  Because it was not so.  Because it was not so.
Q.  When did you buy fish before the 15th?
A.  To tell you, I bought it two or three weeks before.  I buy fish on Thursday and eat it on Friday.
Q.  What Thursday did you buy fish on next before this Thursday?
A.  I do not remember the day of the month, but I think it was three weeks before.
MR.  KATZMANN.  I have no further questions.

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