Excerpts from the Trial of Sacco & Vanzetti

Prosecution Witnesses
Shelley Neal (agent for American Railway Express Co. who picked up and distributed payroll money)
James F. Bostock (witness who rushed to Berardelli and picked up bullet shells)
Lewis Wade (witness to murder who said Sacco resembled murderer)
Mary E. Splaine (witness who placed Sacco at murder scene)
Lewis Pelser (witness who says Sacco is the "dead image" of the murderer)
William H. Proctor (ballistics expert)
George Kelley (witness who saw Sacco wear cap resembling cap found at murder scene)
Michael J. Connolly (officer who arrested Sacco and Vanzetti)
Austin T. Reed (witness who claimed Vanzetti yelled at him shortly after crime)
Ruth C. Johnson (garage owner's wife who thought she saw Sacco and Vanzetti on night of arrest)

Defense Witnesses
Harry Kurlansky (one of several witnesses called to attack credibility of prosecution eyewitnesses)
James E. Burns (ballistics expert)
Angelo Guidobone (witness who said he bought cod from Vanzetti on day of crime)
Nicola Sacco
Bartolomeo Vanzetti

Frederick H. Moore (Defense)
Jeremiah J. McAnarney (Defense)
Frederick G. Katzmann (Prosecution)

Charge to Jury & Verdict
Judge Webster Thayer: Charge to Jury

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