Religion and the Law
Professor Linder
Mini-Term 2017; Roon 02, 9:00 to 11:40 MTWThF

Session 1:  The Rise of Fundamentalism/ The Scopes "Monkey Trial" /The Supreme Court Considers Evolution in the Classroom

(1 ) Linder, "In the Beginning: Two Stories of Creation."
(2) Linder, "Charles Darwin."
(3) Linder, "Putting Evolution on the Defensive: John Nelson Darby, Dwight L. Moody, William B. Riley
and the Rise of Fundamentalism in
(4) Linder,
"State v. John Scopes (The Monkey Trial)."
(5) Epperson v Arkansas (US, 1968).
(6) Linder, "Justice Fortas and the Epperson Decision."
(7) Edwards v Aquillard (US, 1987).
(8) Linder, "
Justices Brennan & Scalia Debate Creation-Science."

Comprehensive site on the Scopes trial:

Session 2: Religious Instruction and Prayer in the Public Schools

(1) Linder, "Introduction to the Establishment Clause."
McCollum v Board of Education (1948).
(3) Engel v Vitale (1962).
(4) Linder, "Prayer in the Public Schools."
(5) Widmar v Vincent (1981).
(5) Wallace v Jaffree (1985).
(6) Lee v Weisman (1992).
(7) Santa Fe Independent School District v Doe (2000).

Session 3: Religious Symbols in Public Places/  Applying the Secular Purpose/Effects Prong/ Applying the Excessive Entanglement Prong

Religious Symbols in Public Places
(1) Linder, "Religious Symbols in Public Places."
(2) Lynch v Donnelly (1984)
County of Allegheny v ACLU (1989)
(4) Van Orden v Perry (2005)
(5) Pleasant Grove City v Summum (2009).
Religious Symbols on Public Lands (photo collection).

Applying the Secular Purpose and Effects Prongs
(7) Linder, "Evaluating Religiously-Based or Religiously Motivated Laws"
(7) McGowan v Maryland (1961)
(8) Zelman v Simmons-Harris (2002)

Applying the Excessive Entanglement Prong
(9)  Presbyterian Church v Hull Church (1969)
(10) Larkin v Grendel's Den (1984)

Sessions 4 & 5: Coerced Speech/ The Free Exercise Clause: The Rise and Fall of the Compelling State Interest Test / The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA)

(1) Linder, "Coerced Speech."
(2) West Virginia v Barnette (1943)

(3) Linder, "The Rise of the Compelling State Interest Test."
(4) Reynolds v United States (1878)
(5) United States v Ballard (1944)
(6) Sherbert v Verner (1963)
(7) Wisconsin v Yoder (1972)
(8) Frank v Alaska (1979)

(9) Linder, "Free Exercise: The Narrowing of the Test."
(10) Employment Division of Oregon v Smith (1990)
(11) Church of Lukumi Babalu Aye v Hialeah (1993)
(12) Locke v Davey (2004)

Session 5: The Religious Freedom Restoration Act / Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act

(1) City of Boerne v Flores (1997)
(2) Burwell v Hobby Lobby (2014)
(3) Holt v Hobbs (2015)

What is a Religion?

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