The Leonard Peltier Trial: Selected Links & Bibliography


Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

The Free Peltier Site

International Peltier Forum (Chronology)

Murderpedia: Leonard Peltier Case Chronology

American Indian Movement: Peltier

1999 CNN Interview (with Peltier and others)

FBI files on The RESMURS case

Appellate Decisions Relating to the Peltier Case:
Myrtle Poor Bear affidavits:
A quick look at the evidence:
Peltier trial transcript:
Quick Facts: Case of Leonard Peltier:
Summary of Extradition Proceedings:
United States of America v. Leonard Peltier File Review (May 1994):

Note:  All of the sources below have a decidedly pro-Peltier slant.  Readers seeking an objective view of the case should also visit the websites listed above maintained by the Minneapolis FBI Office and the No Parole Peltier Association.

Apted, Michael, Incident at Oglala: The Leonard Peltier Story (1992)(video)

Matthiessen, Peter, In the Spirit of Crazy Horse (1980)

Messerschmidt, Jim, The Trial of Leonard Peltier (1983)

Peltier, Leonard, Have You Thought About Leonard Peltier Lately? (2004)

Peltier, Leonard, Prison Writings: My Life is a Sundance (2000)

Leonard Peltier Trial