Selected Images from the Nuremberg War Crime Trials

Miscellaneous Photos

The Palace of Justice (site of the trials)
Courtroom in the Palace of Justice being readied for trial
Prison in the Palace of Justice where defendants held
American soldiers stand guard in the main cellblock at Nuremberg prison
Former SS members are forced to sort Nazi records in preparation for trial
Pressroom in the Palace of Justice
Body of Hermann Goering after committing suicide in prison

Photos from the Major War Criminals Trial
Robert Jackson delivers his opening statement
Courtroom scene showing defendants in the Major War Criminals Trial
Judges and their alternates listen to testimony (color)
Defendant Hans Frank (Nazi Governor of Poland) in the witness box
Defendants rise as judges enter courtroom
Witnesses wait for lunch during trial recess
German defense lawyers listen to testimony
Courtroom scene (color)
American judges Francis Biddle and (alt.) John Parker discuss case
Defendant Baldur von Shirach meets with his lawyer in prison
Defendant Albert Speer
Hermann Goering enters the defendants' dock

Hess and Goering in the dock

[The above photos  are from the photo archives of the U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.]