The Nuremberg Trials
Major War Figures Trial: Transcript Excerpts

Robert Jackson's Opening Statement for the Prosecution on Nov. 21, 1945

Testimony of S. S. General Otto Ohlendorf (concerning Einsatzgrubben atrocities) on January 3, 1946

Testimony of Marie Claude Vaillant-Couturier (concerning Auschwitz gassing) on January 28, 1946

Testimony of Abram Suzkever (concerning Einsatzgruppen atrocities in Vilna) on February 27, 1946

Cross-Examination of Hermann Goering by Robert Jackson and David Maxwell-Fyfe (March 18-21, 1946)
1:Testimony on March 18, 1946 (Cross-examination by Jackson)
2: Testimony on March 19, 1946 (Cross-examination by Jackson)
3: Testimony on March 20, 1946 (Cross-examination by Jackson)
4: Testimony on March 20-21, 1946 (Cross-examination by Maxwell-Fyfe)

Testimony of Rudolf Hoess, Commandant of Auschwitz, on April 15, 1946

Testimony of Hans Frank on April 18, 1946

Cross-examination of Albert Speer (June 21, 1946)

Summation of Robert Jackson for the Prosecution  (July 26, 1946)

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