Wilhelm Keitel:
The "Yes-Man"

                 Hilter, Admiral Raeder, and Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel (right) in March, 1942.

A quote from the Reprisal Order issued by Field Marshal Keitel instructing that fifty Soviet citizens would be shot for every German soldier killed by Soviet partisans:  "One must bear in mind that in the countries affected, human life has absolutely no value...[t]he troops are, therefore, authorized and ordered to take any measures without restriction, even against women and children."

Wilhelm Keitel in the Nuremberg courtroom.

Keitel's defense can be best summed up in his own words:

"I have stated here that I was a loyal and obedient soldier of my Fuehrer.  And I do not think that there are generals in Russia who do not give Marshal Stalin implicit obedience."

Verdict and Sentencing of Wilhelm Keitel

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