Huey P. Newton Trial (1968):
Selected Links & Bibliography
by Kaitlin Woody


Huey Newton

A Huey P. Newton Story

Huey Percy Newton (Wikipedia)

"The Real Trial of the 20th Century"

FBI Records on the Black Panther Party

"A Huey P. Newton Story-Free Huey" (PBS)

"Huey P. Newton Trial: 1968" (Encyclopedia)

"Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil Rights Movement 1954-1985" (PBS)

"Free Huey! 'You Can Jail a Revolutionary, But You Can't Jail the Revolution'"


"Slain Officer 'Testifies' By Recording At Trial" (St. Petersburg Times, August 7, 1968)

"Black Panthers: Everyone's up tight" (The Michigan Daily, August 10, 1968)

"Huey Newton Takes Stand In Defense" (Lodi News-Sentinel, August 22, 1968)

"Newton Trial Final Debate Concluded" (Lodi New-Sentinel, September 5, 1968)

"Huey Newton Is Interviewed: Newton Jury Asks Testimony Again" (The Miami News, September 6,1968)

"Huey Newton's Fate Now In Jury's Hands" (Lodi News-Sentinel, September 6, 1968)

"Dispute Delays Black Panther Murder Trial" (Observer-Reporter, September 7, 1968)

"Murder Trial Jury Asks Explanations" (Eugene Register-Guard, September 8, 1968)

"Jury Still Out: Judge Corrects Error In Black Panther Trial" (The Victoria Advocate, September 8, 1968)

"Huey Newton Is Sentenced for Slaying" (Spokane Daily Chronicle, September 27, 1968)

"Huey Newton to Be Retried" (The Milwaukee Journal, July 30, 1970)

Huey Newton Freed, Awaiting Retrial" (Daytona Beach Morning Journal, August 4, 1970)

"Huey Newton Is Released While Awaiting New Trial" (The Harvard Crimson, August 07, 1970)

"Huey Newton Trial Ends in Hung Jury" (Times Daily, Aug, 9, 1971)

"Mistrial Declared In Newton Trial" (The News and Courier, August 9, 1971)

"Trial of Panther Newton Ends with 11-1 Hung Jury" (The Milwaukee Journal, August 9, 1971)

"Newton Trial Is Set for October" (The Times-News, August 11, 1971)

"Huey Newton Trial" (Ann Arbor Sun, August 21, 1971)

"Huey Newton Freed After Third Trial" (The Day, December 15, 1971)

NY Time Obituary 9/23/1989: "Huey Newton Symbolized the Rising Black Anger of a Generation"

"By Any Means Necessary" (NY Times, September 10, 2006)

New York Times Articles about Huey Newton,3859775&dq=huey+newton+trial&hl=en,1820553&dq=huey+newton+trial&hl=en,3441149&dq=huey+newton+trial&hl=en,1556960&dq=huey+newton+trial&hl=en,2470723&dq=huey+newton+trial&hl=en,5474766&dq=huey+newton+trial&hl=en,6028327&dq=huey+newton+trial&hl=en,1072510&dq=huey+newton+trial&hl=en,623186&dq=huey+newton+trial&hl=en,7275446&dq=huey+newton+trial&hl=en


A Huey P. Newton Story

Documentary (2001)
Director: Spike Lee


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