Broadcast: "American Evil Appears"
(Coordinate this broadcast with leaflets:"Let American Enemy Pay This Bloody Debt".)

American imperialists make Vietnam aggressive war, but he said that he came here to "help" our people and he calls himself as our friends.

When he arrives in South Vietnam he tries to hide his bad aggressive ambition.  He told his troopers to respect Vietnamese people and make good relationship with them.  His psyops also give troops "commandments" whose contents are "Have to respect women and Vietnamese traditions and customs."

When American troops had just arrived in Vietnam, they tried to show themselves as "Honorable gentlemen" selling or buying fair and square, even, paying higher than market prices.  When they destroyed something, they paid for it with money.  Then some posts allowed people to come, and doctors were sent to some where to give people medical aid.  American press shows some pictures of Americans and Vietnamese shaking hands - Americans kiss Vietnamese people and give them candies - or Americans with Red Cross signs at their arms give medical aid to Vietnamese people . . . and they boast that this is one of familiar pictures around American troops locations.

This demagogy makes some ARVN troops believe Americans are good friends.  How happy it is if we have such good and rich friends!

But any play has to end, although the actors are skillful, but they play only one act, they will become soon unskillful - and the play will become a bad one.  So the demagogy will become "true", "unmask", easier than any plays.

The role can be played more beautifully if U.S. troops collect more victories every year, but they are beaten more heavily by our people year by year.  So the demagogy is unmasked more easy.  Now, U.S. troops can not hide anything, they have shown all bad ambition which belongs to any aggressive troops.  In sweep operations, they loot people's properties, destroy everything, rape women, they have shown their animal ambition, their civilization.  In Saigon one American had put his penis outside his pants, and one dollar was put on it, which he paid to a girl.  U.S. troops play girls every public areas: beach, roadside ... they do not care about people passing by.  In U.S. troop locations, they search people to get piaster, gold rings, watches, ear rings, they are so cunning that they do not pick up false gold.

Due to their great defeats in the recent Spring, they are like wild wounded animal, the more they wriggle, the more bad actions are done - definitely inhuman doings.  They had dropped bombs at random onto populous areas and cities such HUE, SAIGON, BEN TRE.  They confirmed that 90% of houses were destroyed in HUE City.  Thousands of our people were killed or homeless.  Western newspapers and radio stations also confirmed that all the damages of houses in South Vietnam cities came from American bombs and ainmo because U.S. has more fire power than NLF troops.  British newspapers said Americans bombed cities, especially Saigon City, it would be condemned by opinion it was too much when Americans did that.  Japanese public opinion said: America would be isolated and lose appreciation when they bomb South Vietnamese cities.  It would make an anti-American wave in the South Vietnam, unless the world public opinion protested, and also there was not a unanimity of Allies.  Americans still close their eyes, shut their ears to perform their cruel acts.

A sweep operation was conducted on 15 Mar 68 recently in SON TINH.  Crazy American enemy used light machineguns and all kinds of weapons to kill our innocent civilian people in TINH KHE Village (SON MY (V)).  Most of them were women, kids, there were some just born babies and pregnant women.  They shot everything they saw, they killed all domestic animals, they burned all people's houses.  There were 26 families killed completely - no survivors.

The fierce devil Americans dropped down their priest covers to become barbarous, and cruel.

American wolf forgot their good sheeps' appearance.  They opened mouth to eat, drink our people blood with all their animal barbarity.

Our people have only one way, it is to kill them so they can not bite around anymore.

Vietnam officers, soldier brothers, it is about time to know the true face of Americans.  There were so many times they forgot you when you were bitten by NLF's troops but they have never fired any mortar round to support you. Even they are right beside you and they also dropped bombs on puppet dead bodies to suppress and sometimes they mortared right on your formation.

The position of puppet troops as their targets are so clear.  Any one still doubt, just look at the 39th Ranger Battalion stationed in KHE SANH area.  They used the unit as an obstacle in the front for American Marines, you already know they offered this battalion as "ready to die" but it doesn't mean the same as the meaning of "die for fatherlands" as NLF soldiers, they said that because they wanted to protect 6000 American troops there.

So it is the American civilization it is the good of friend as you see them  - a murderer, killed your blood people - made a Vietnamese blood stream running as blood in our own bodies - as an allied or not?

What are you waiting for!  Use right American guns to shoot right their heads in order to avenge our people, to wash out insult to our nation and save your proud and your own life.

This time: more than ever before
American guns are in your hands
Point to American heads and shoot!